Kurs med Mattias Roth 29-30/3 2014, Skanderborg, Danmark

Update: The class is cancelled due to too few participants!

Here’s a post from Jin Shin Jyutsu Norden

Reminder for your JSJ calender 2014:

Next year, 2014 29th-30th of Marts; Matthias Roth is coming to Skanderborg / DK / at ” Audonicon ” ( http://www.audonicon.dk ), to present his ” Fühlen” class / ” At føle ” – ” Feeling”…a great presentation based on body and self awareness, using simple elements of movement , breathing and dance to raise the consciousness about :” how am I in my own body and how do I approach towards another human being through this self-awareness…?”
…and then leads with simple JSJ exercises to the link towards a client/receiver….

A wonderfull class, like always :

Matthias sensitively feeling out each ones needs and transfoming it into conscious language of all kind : word, body, movement, touch, explanation and heartfull sharing….

I think this class should be taught to all, who think of going into interaction with others through treatment or balancing sessions, how I more likely call it….

We are happy to welcome all, no preconditions for this class, open to all….a good introductory class !So if you know anyone, willing to learn more about JSJ, tell them !

Early registrations have the possibility to book a sleeping place at Audonicon / Skanderborg. Registrations for food available as well…

If you are interested send me an early mail: lys64@live.dk

Love to all and a BIG HUG, Lydia Sørensen


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