Behandla djur med Jin Shin Jyutsu

Det är inte bara människor som kan behandlas med Jin Shin Jyutsu, även ditt husdjur kan bli hjälpt av det. Det finns en bok, där man kan se var alla “Safety Energy Locks” finns på olika djur, t ex hästar, hundar, katter, fåglar osv.
Boken kan du få tag på här:

Och författaren till boken, Adele Leas, har också speciella kurser för er som vill lära er hur man behandlar djur med Jin Shin Jyutsu, mer information hittar ni på hennes hemsida:

Och här är en historia om ett sjölejon, från denna hemsida:

September 3, 2013

I have shared this story with a few of you but here is the written account.  It happened many years ago – maybe 1999 or 2000.  It is a true story. 


Jin Shin Jane

Baby Sea Lion Encounter

         It was one of those rare summer evenings when our kids were off with others and my friend and I were alone on a weeknight.  Impulsively we hopped in the car and headed for the ocean.  Within 45 minutes we had our feet in the quickly cooling sand and we began hiking in search of the best place to view the sunset.  Intuitively we were drawn to go south on the beach instead of our usual north.

A short distance down the beach, near where Salmon Creek meets the sea, we saw a young girl sitting in the sand in front of a reclining animal – a dog perhaps.  As we got closer, I was shocked to see that it was a sea lion pup that was obviously very sick.  It’s breathing was labored, it’s nose runny, it shivered constantly and was weak.  It appeared to me that it had a respiratory illness. Being a Jin Shin Jyutsu* practitioner I immediately put my hands on her and started to treat the pup in an attempt to strengthen her life force energy.  Her chi pulse was so weak it was almost undetectable.  From my many years’ experience, I knew she was extremely ill and probably near death.

People started gathering around, and kids poked at her before I could shoo them away.  Adults came by with advice like – “don’t touch her it’s bad for their fur” – “It’s OK”, I’d say, “I work with healing arts and she’s in bad shape.”  Others told us that they had seen this pup here a week before beside its mother who had died there.  The Mammal Rescue Center had been called but no one had rescued the pup.  We were told that it had been here all day on that day and while the park ranger had been called, no one had shown up.

Eventually there were about 6 of us left standing on the now cold and darkening beach trying to figure out what to do to help this young one.  The Mammal Rescue Center was an hour’s drive away, but we all felt that if we didn’t get the pup there she was doomed.  It seemed that Simon and I were the only ones with no dogs and a car that would accommodate the patient, so we agreed to do our humane duty and make the trek.  I remember saying a prayer for the pup (and at the same time being somewhat remorseful that our one childless evening would be spent driving all the way to Marin).

The next obstacle was how to get the pup up the steep steps of the cliff to the car.  While young and small by sea lion standards, it was still about 225 pounds.  One gracious man volunteered his warm ski jacket.  We placed the pup on the jacket (it rallied at this point and tried to bite.  We knew we had to watch out for those teeth).  Once zipped inside the jacket, we used it as a sort of sling to carry the pup up the cliff trail to the car.  We put the back seats down making a flat surface for the pup to lie on.  She was weaker now and didn’t even struggle as we put her inside.

Simon drove as I reached back and continued to treat her using Jin Shin Jyutsu.  We decided we should go to the fire station up the road and call the Rescue Center to make sure that someone could meet us there when we arrived.  Simon went in to call and I continued to treat the pup who I found quite endearing at this point.  From time to time I would take my hands away from her to adjust my position and each time she would struggle to raise her head and look at me until I began treating her again.  As soon as I touched her, she would lay her head back down and close her eyes.  This happened each time I took my hands off of her signaling to me that what I was doing was helping her.

After a while Simon returned and slid into the driver’s seat with a look of shocked disbelief.  The person at the Mammal Rescue Center said we were violating federal law by removing the pup from the beach and we were to return her immediately!  We were told that they leave the pups that they feel are beyond help and advised us to do the same.  We were speechless as this was absolutely the last thing we expected to be told.  The thought of taking her back to die alone and sick was just not an option we could grasp – as if we could get her back down the cliff anyway.   As we sat there trying to make sense of it all, there was a knock on the car window and the fireman told us the Rescue Center had called back.  When Simon went in I pulled out the bottle of “Rescue Remedy” that I keep in my purse.  (Rescue Remedy is one of the time honored Bach Flower Remedies – an herbal tincture that helps people, animals and plants recover from shock and trauma.)  I had never used it on a sea mammal before but I figured what the heck.  If they were going to leave her to die anyway, I’d give it a shot.  I put a drop on my finger and rubbed it on the pup’s lip. Then I continued to treat her using Jin Shin Jyutsu.  In about 3 minutes her breathing eased to normal, she stopped shivering and completely relaxed.  The change was so dramatic that at first I thought she had died.

Simon returned and said that the person at the Rescue Center had changed her mind and that there was a Rescue Center employee who lived there in Bodega Bay where we were.  If she were home and had a cage, we could take her there and if not we could bring the pup to the center.  Simon went back in and awaited her next call.  I continued to treat the pup who was quite relaxed at this point and didn’t move except to raise her head and look at me with those deep black eyes each time I stopped treating her for a moment.

Simon returned with news that we would be taking her to the Rescue Center.  He had been told to put the pup in a box and keep her flippers wet. (Great, how to accomplish this?)  We stopped at a local grocery to find a box, but there was really no box large and strong enough to contain her so we headed to the boat ramp at Bodega Bay to wet her flippers.

As we neared the bay the pup perked up, lifted her head, stood up and became quite animated.  By the time we got to the boat ramp, about 2 miles away, she was quickly going from side window to side window, extremely alert.  Her energy had completely changed.  Her breathing was regular, and she had stopped shivering.  There was no nasal congestion or discharge and no sign of respiratory distress.  She was now so active that we knew it would be extremely difficult to take her on an hour’s drive.

When we arrived at the boat ramp, Simon backed the car down so we were near the water’s edge.  We opened the back door and the pup immediately hopped out, leaned down and touched Simon’s foot with her nose. Then she began toddling down to the bay.  She would take a few steps, then stop and listen, very alert.  It was twilight and we could hear sea lions in the distance of the bay.  We would nudge her along as she would stop and listen every few steps.  When she reached the water we moistened her flippers and she just sat there attentive for a few minutes.  We stood with her, savoring this magical moment so amazed that this being who was seemingly on the verge of death an hour before was now so alert and seemingly well.  Without ceremony, she slid into the water and began to swim.  She went under and in a few seconds surfaced about 15 feet away.  She looked our way – it was almost dark but in the moonlight we could see her.  We spoke to her our blessings for a great life.  She went under again, and we could hear her surface and submerge again but could see her no longer. Then she was gone and there was only the calm lapping of the water.

The drive home was quiet, full of awe for this magical experience that we had just had.  To cross paths with one of nature’s truly wild creatures is rare.  To get to experience a healing with one is exquisite.

We will never know what happened to that little pup.  Did she live and have a great life?  Did she recover completely?  Did she relapse and die?  It’s a mystery that will never be solved.  We do know that just being with her was a gift from Spirit.

That night in our separate homes both Simon and I had dreams of her. We both saw those deep black soulful eyes of hers again.  Did her spirit come come to thank us?  Did she come to us as she died?  We will never know.

About a week later I was talking to a wildlife photographer friend of mine who swims with the dolphins and whales and who, it turns out, worked at one time at the Mammal Rescue Center.  She told me that a lot of sea lions had been dying of a respiratory illness recently. Interestingly she also said that sea lions are so sensitive, and bond so rapidly with humans that they have to be kept in a separate area at the center away from even most of the employees.

When I think back to this experience, I can still see those intense, dark black eyes looking deeply into mine.  Since then I have treated many animals both domestic and wild with Jin Shin Jyutsu, but nothing has compared to this …so far.

Tips om Jin Shin Jyutsu 5 dagars klasser våren 2014 i Europa

Jag har tipsat förut om att det finns kurser man kan åka till i olika länder, här har jag samlat en del av de 5 dagars klasser som kommer under våren 2014 i Europa. Det finns naturligtvis fler i andra länder också, här är länken till den fullständiga listan, där ni bland annat kan hitta information om hur ni anmäler er:

och här är länken till information on priser:

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English with German translation)- BALZERS, LIECHTENSTEIN
Instructor: Carlos Gutterres
February 05, 2014 – February 09, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in German)- ZURICH, SWITZERLAND
Instructor: Petra Elmendorff
February 12, 2014 – February 16, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English with German translation)- SONTHOFEN (IMMENSTADT IM ALLGÄU), GERMANY
Instructor: Susan Schwartz
February 19, 2014 – February 23, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English with Dutch translation)- LANDGRAAF, THE NETHERLANDS
Instructor: Jennifer Holmes
February 22, 2014 – February 26, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English with German translation)- BAMMENTAL (HEIDELBERG), GERMANY
Instructor: Jennifer Holmes
March 05, 2014 – March 09, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English with German translation)- INNSBRUCK, AUSTRIA
Instructor: Cynthia Broshi
March 07, 2014 – March 11, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English with German translation)- ILANZ, SWITZERLAND
Instructor: Jed Schwartz
March 19, 2014 – March 23, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English with Dutch translation)- GENT, BELGIUM
Instructor: Waltraud Riegger-Krause
March 19, 2014 – March 23, 2014

Instructor: Michael Wenninger
April 12, 2014 – April 16, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English with German translation)- WALZENHAUSEN, SWITZERLAND
Instructor: Anita Willoughby
April 23, 2014 – April 27, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in German)- ALTMÜNSTER, AUSTRIA
Instructor: Mona Harris
April 30, 2014 – May 04, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English with Dutch translation)- ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS
Instructor: Anita Willoughby
May 09, 2014 – May 13, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in German)- TIEFENCASTEL, SWITZERLAND
Instructor: Ian Harris
May 28, 2014 – June 01, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English)- CARRICKMACROSS, CO. MONAGHAN, IRELAND
Instructor: Susan Schwartz
May 31, 2014 – June 04, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in English with German translation)- LUZERN, SWITZERLAND
Instructor: Michael Wenninger
June 25, 2014 – June 29, 2014

5-Day Basic Seminar (in German)- SALZBURG, AUSTRIA
Instructor: Petra Elmendorff
July 09, 2014 – July 13, 2014

Mer om Monsanto – text från deras egen hemsida

Texten nedan är hämtad från Monsantos egen hemsida. Monsanto är ett multinationellt företag som bl a arbetar med att framställa genmanipulerat utsäde, som de sedan tar patent på. Detta innebär att bönder tvingas betala för utsäde som är direkt hälsovådligt. Protesterna mot Monsanto är högljudda i vissa kretsar, men många vet ingenting om deras framfart och utveckling! Vart är vi på väg? Och hur kan vi bevara rätten till organiska och naturliga samspel med naturen?!?!

‘Why Does Monsanto Sue Farmers Who Save Seeds?
Monsanto patents many of the seed varieties we develop. Patents are necessary to ensure that we are paid for our products and for all the investments we put into developing these products. This is one of the basic reasons for patents. A more important reason is to help foster innovation. Without the protection of patents there would be little incentive for privately-owned companies to pursue and re-invest in innovation. Monsanto invests more than $2.6 million per day in research and development that ultimately benefits farmers and consumers. Without the protection of patents, this would not be possible.

When farmers purchase a patented seed variety, they sign an agreement that they will not save and replant seeds produced from the seed they buy from us. More than 275,000 farmers a year buy seed under these agreements in the United States. Other seed companies sell their seed under similar provisions. They understand the basic simplicity of the agreement, which is that a business must be paid for its product. The vast majority of farmers understand and appreciate our research and are willing to pay for our inventions and the value they provide. They don’t think it’s fair that some farmers don’t pay.

A very small percentage of farmers do not honor this agreement. Monsanto does become aware, through our own actions or through third-parties, of individuals who are suspected of violating our patents and agreements. Where we do find violations, we are able to settle most of these cases without ever going to trial. In many cases, these farmers remain our customers. Sometimes however, we are forced to resort to lawsuits. This is a relatively rare circumstance, with 145 lawsuits filed since 1997 in the United States. This averages about 11 per year for the past 13 years. To date, only 9 cases have gone through full trial. In every one of these instances, the jury or court decided in our favor.

Whether the farmer settles right away, or the case settles during or through trial, the proceeds are donated to youth leadership initiatives including scholarship programs.

We pursue these matters for three main reasons. First, no business can survive without being paid for its product. Second, the loss of this revenue would hinder our ability to invest in research and development to create new products to help farmers. We currently invest over $2.6 million per day to develop and bring new products to market. Third, it would be unfair to the farmers that honor their agreements to let others get away with getting it for free. Farming, like any other business, is competitive and farmers need a level playing field.’

Jin Shin Jyutsu självhjälp/egenvård

På den här hemsidan finns det bland annat tips på böcker man kan köpa (via Jin Shin Jyutsu institutet i Scottsdale, Arizona) – jag tänkte göra lite extra reklam för de självhjälpsböcker man kan få tag på där. Det fina med det är att man inte behöver ha gått någon JSJ kurs för att få köpa dom, och dom är lättförståeliga, med förklarande teckningar, så att man förstår hur och var man kan behandla sig själv. Och dom är inte så dyra, en bok kostar $14, och köper man de tre böcker som ingår i självhjälps “kitet” så kostar dom $37 tillsammans, då får man en liten rabatt.

Beskrivningen av den första boken ser ut så här:
Getting to KNOW (help) MYSELF, Art of Living, contains various basic daily tension releases, an introduction to the application of universal life energy, and a brief history of Jin Shin Jyutsu, for those who are interested in Getting to KNOW (help) MYSELF.
Andra boken:
Mankind’s Safety Energy Locks and Keys focuses on the locations, applications and meanings of the 26 Safety Energy Locks. “Quickie” self-help routines (to release each Safety Energy Lock) are also provided.
Tredje boken:
Fun with Fingers and Toes explores our “jumper cable energy” and the relationship between fingers and toes, and also includes easy-to-use finger postures which harmonize total being.

Det finns också en egenvårdsbok för barn, Happy hands, så om du vill lära ditt barn att ta hand om sig själv, är det här ett bra sätt. Beskrivningen av den boken ser ut så här:
FUN WITH HAPPY HANDS helps children of all ages learn simple and FUN ways to help themselves. Colorful and charming illustrations of children using their happy hands offer a delightful introduction to the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Här är länken där du hittar böckerna:

“Monsantoland” i Sverige

Det ligger ett upprop på Facebook just nu, riksdagen ska rösta bort offentlighetsprincipen för svenska myndigheters kontakter med utlandet:

“I dag den 20:e november 2013 kommer riksdagen rösta om en proposition regeringen presenterade för bara några dagar sedan.

Propositionen har nummer 2012/13:192 och går ut på att svenska myndigheter från och med årskiftet skall kunna hemligstämpla sina kontakter med utlandet.

Läsare som värnar om att t ex jordbruks- och livsmedelsverken inte kan vägra lämna ut information om farliga GMO-experiment man genomför tillsammans med det amerikanska företaget Monsanto – eller att socialstyrelsen inte kan hemligstämpla planerade vaccinationskampanjer man genomför i samarbete med t ex Baxter – kan gå med uppropet ovan. (se länken)

Listan på andra sätt hemlighetsmakeriet kan missbrukas på är naturligtvis längre än de två exemplen ovan.”

Och här är en länk till en annan artikel om detta:

“Sverige är på väg att sekretessbelägga stora delar av sin inblandning i kommande frihandelsavtal.
Efter president Obamas besök i Sverige i höstas, överlämnades en proposition med förslag på lagändringar inför Sveriges deltagande i olika frihandelsavtal. Fredrik Reinfeldt och Beatrice Ask överlämnade förslaget som innebär följande, citat:
”Syftet med sekretessbestämmelsen är att säkerställa att svenska myndigheter kan uppfylla internationella förpliktelser om sekretess och tystnadsplikt, i den utsträckning detta krävs för att Sverige ska kunna delta i det internationella samarbetet om exempelvis frihandel.”

Vad innebär då detta?
Det är alltså en förändring av offentlighetslagen, vilket kommer att innebära att fler uppgifter och dokument kommer att hemligstämplas med hänvisning till att skydda parter i ett frihandelsavtal. Hårdrar man innebörden är det som att frihandelsparterna (läs storföretagen) säger: ”du får inte vara med och handla om du inte kan garantera sekretess på vissa punkter”. Och Sverige svarar med: ”OK, då får vi ändra i offentlighets- och sekretesslagen”.
Och nu väntas alltså riksdagen fatta beslut om lagändring från den 1 januari 2014.

Frågan är i vilka sammanhang denna sekretess kommer att träda i kraft?
Svenska Journalistförbundet skriver i ett yttrande inför lagändringen följande:
”En konsekvens av propositionen kan dessutom bli att det blir svårt eller helt omöjligt att med stöd av offentlighetsprincipen via svenska myndigheter få fram viktiga fakta om exempelvis offentliga upphandlingar, brottsbekämpning, bi– och skadeverkningar hos läkemedelsbolags produkter etc. ”
Det finns alltså en uppenbar risk att medborgarna inte får reda på fakta om t ex läkemedelsbiverkningar.

Till detta kommer den nya situationen med de sk Investor-State dispute settlement-domarna, som i princip ger företagen rätt att stämma regeringar som försvårar ekonomisk vinst. Med andra ord, skulle Sverige lämna ut information om allvarliga biverkningsrapporter från ett stort läkemedelsbolag, då kan Sverige stämmas på höga summor, om denna information anses inskränka på företagets vinstmöjlighet. Om dessa uppgifter nu alls läcker ut, eftersom de ändå förmodligen kommer att hemligstämplas.
Konstitutionsutskottet har gått igenom propositionen och föreslår riksdagen att säga JA till lagändringarna i morgon onsdagen den 20 november kl 16.00. Beslutsfattandet kommer att föregås av en debatt. Lagändringarna föreslås träda i kraft den 1 januari 2014.”

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