Jin Shin Jyutsu Mudras – handpositioner


These are 8 healing mudras that are taught in Jin Shin Jyutsu. Looking at the picture, moving down the first column, then the second, here are some of the ways these can help you.
Pose #1 aids releasing of tension and stress from head to toe. It enables you to let go of things you have been handing onto.
Pose #2 Helps to revitalize your body from the toes to the head, and helps your to receive the Breath of Life.
Pose #3 helps to calm the body, releasing nervous tension or stress. It helps to revitalize all organ functions.
Pose # 4 helps to release general daily fatigue, helping by releasing worries, fears, and anger.
Pose #5 helps to revitalize all body functions…it helps to reduce or even release the daily accumulations that lead to fatigue.
Pose #6 – very powerful mudra – helps to strengthen lungs and breathing. It also helps ear problems. You can use this any time you feel short of breath, whether during exercise or with respiratory issues such as asthma.
Pose # 7 Helps release general daily tension from the head, lungs, digestive system, abdomen, and legs. Helps to release the general accumulation of “stuff” we hang on to.
Pose # 8 Helps release back tension and promote the general well-being of the whole body. Helps you to receive the Breath of Life. When you need to help fatigue, you can use any of these on their own to help. Remember that fatigue is not simple tiredness from one night of poor sleep. Fatigue is a result of running at full force or under constant stress over time.


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