How sugar can affect our children (and ourselves)

I saw a program on TV – Food hospital – a while ago. They had two test groups with children, one group was served healthy food, and the other group got “party food”, with a lot of sugar – it was very interesting to see the difference in behavior in the two groups…

Here’s one small excerpt from that program:

and here are some more links to videos from the same program:

and here’s a link to the tv-program:


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  1. Adrienne @ Whole New Mom
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 15:16:00

    Hello again. Just so you know, the site you copies the video from has clear copyright laws about using their video on your site. You might want to read it. Thanks for removing my post :).


    • jsjheleneiliste
      Dec 04, 2013 @ 23:11:15

      Yes, I know about copyright laws, but on the other hand – some things are too important to not be shared anyway… This TV-program is very difficult to find, I happened to see it a few weeks ago, and was very happy when I found a few people taking about it, and sharing those videoclips at Youtube. I have also shared other videos here, among them are several movies about Monsanto, they are on Youtube, full length movies.
      I feel that it’s important to share things about health with other people, to help to make a difference.
      It’s too late for my own family, they don’t believe it’s of any importance what they eat or drink, or how they treat themselves, they think that they can get medicine from the doctors, and then they will be fine, but they can’t see how their own action got them where they are now.
      My father has severe diabetes (he can’t feel his own feet, has to get help to get his slippers on his feet) he has had several heart surgeries, he has Parkinsons, and he has had a catether for several years as well. He probably got diabetes from drinking too much sodas for many years, then he started to drink Fun light, which he still does (he is 85) maybe a bottle every week or so, so instead of sugar, it’s a lot of aspartam instead. But then he eats a lot of chocolate as well, and sugary pastries.
      My mother is a heavy smoker and drinker, she has had a heart problem for 30 -40 years or something like that. She also had her uterus removed in her 40’s.
      My brother got diverculitis 5-6 years ago, which got badly infected, he was hospitalized and they wanted to remove a part of his large intestine, which haven’t happened yet, because a stomach ulcer got in the way, then he got a really aggressive prostate cancer, the surgery for that happened just a few weeks ago, a week before his 50th birthday. He has also been a heavy smoker all his life, and not caring to much about healthy food, drinking a lot too (not as much as my mother though, she is kind of an alcoholic, which he is not).
      My sister is OK,physically anyway, but one of her sons has gluten and wheat allergy, which meant that he couldn’t go to the toilet more than once a week, and that was really painful for him, so he was always crying going to the toilet. It took my sister 5 years of visiting different doctors, until they found out that it was gluten and wheat that caused the problem. But – he stayed on a gluten free diet for some years, and now he doesn’t have those symptoms anymore, which means that my sister feeds him wheat again, because the doctor said that he is healed from his allergy (which I do not believe at all….I believe it will cause him problem later on)
      My brothers middle son got diabetes when he was 5 – therefore my sister-in-law tries to avoid to give their youngest son any sugary products at all, which is easy at home, but it’s not working at her sons school – every Friday they are giving the children a lot of candy and sodas, and when she’s trying to protest, the other parents think she is stupid, they say that the kids must be allowed to have some fun sometimes…
      So, as I said, it’s too late for my family (except for my sister-in-law) – but those things are too important to not be shared, as I see it, to try to spread this knowledge to who ever that wants to read about it, to maybe plant a seed in someones mind now and then… so I’m sorry if I violate some copyright laws here and there, the information needs to get out there!
      And I’m the crazy one in the family, the “black sheep”, they think it’s stupid, what I’m doing, with my “food things” and my “acupressure thing” as they put it – but I don’t care, I know it’s working for me anyway…


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