About relaxing

One of Mary Burmeister‘s sayings is “Drop your shoulders and breathe (and smile from within) – today I found it easier than other days, relaxing at the pool in Lanzarote 🙂

One thing that I found was extra relaxing was to hear all the happy children laugh and play in the pool – they made a lot of noise, but that kind of noise wasn’t disturbing at all, it just made my body relax even more..

and I was also noticing a father with his 3 year old son – the son was trying to making the transition from the small baby pool into the bigger adult pool, the baby pool was clearly too small for him, and he really wanted to go in to the adult pool, but was afraid to do it, so he went back and forth to the baby pool, then the adult pool, several times, to the safety, and then the unknown. The father was there all the time, supporting him, not making fun of him for being afraid, he just let him do whatever the son wanted to do, until he finally was ready to take the step by himself, not being forced to do it.
That felt like Jin Shin Jyutsu, supportive but not forceful, letting the body do whatever it want to do, not forcing anything upon it!


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