The 5 elements presented by Oliver Cowmeadow

Found some videos by Oliver Cowmeadows, he opened a school for shiatsu therapists in Devon, and also the Holistic Cooking School – I feel that his way of combining the eastern way of alternative medicine and nutrition is something we might need to do more here in the Western world…  I will explore his websites more, will share more later, at the moment I’m sharing those links to the websites:

Since he is a shiatsu practitioner, he has a little bit different view of what goes together with what, compared to Jin Shin Jyutsu, but it’s very interesting to see where the similarities are, and where it is differing, I feel it can be very helpful to understand Jin Shin Jyutsu more, from his point of view anyway.
And he talks about food and nourishment, which Jin Shin Jyutsu don’t, (except from Haruki Kato, when he mentioned macrobiotics in his book) I feel that the food we eat is very important, so we might need to adress that more in Jin Shin Jyutsu as well.

You can find several videos/lectures at youtube, here is the first in a serie of lectures:

and here’s part 2, the video about water/kidney/bladder:

and part 3, about tree – chinese medicine call it tree/wood, Jin Shin Jyutsu call it blood (liver and gallbladder):

part 4, about fire/heart/small intestine:

part 5, earth/spleen/stomach:

part 6, metal in chinese medicine, which is air in Jin Shin Jyutsu:


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