Macrobiotic compared to the 5 elements

So, I have checked out the website a little bit more, Oliver Cowmeadow is one of the teachers there. He is a shiatsu therapist and founder of the Holistic Cooking school, among other things.
I feel that the way Oliver describes how we can use food to support and strengthen our five elements is something I want to explore further, so I am in the process of signing up for a class, and I have bought four books so far (the books they advice you to study before coming to a class in Devon, UK, where they are located.

The books I have bought so far are:
Food and healing” by Annemarie Colbin (Kindle version, so I can start to read it immediately 🙂

those other books are regular books, so I have to wait for getting them delivered…

“Yin & Yang: A guide to eating a balanced & healthy diet” by Oliver Cowmeadow

“Macrobiotics for beginners” by Jon Sandifer

“The self healing cookbook” by Kristina Turner

I’m looking forward to study the principles for macrobiotics, and how it goes together with the five elements, I will keep you posted about it. I wanted to find out more about this since I bought the book by Sensei Haruki Kato (when I visited the Jin Shin Jyutsu institute in Scottsdale, AZ, last summer) – here’s one quote from his book (text 1):

“I continued to do clinical work with Jin Shin Jyutsu after Master Murai passed away in 1960, but I ran into a wall and was in a state of agony for a while because I could not solve problems with Jin Shin Jyutsu alone. During that period I happened to pick up a book about macrobiotics called “Food that transforms your body” by Master Michimasa Nishizawa. I was deeply impressed with the message that touched the essence of Chinese medicine”

I’ve tried to find Nishizawa’s book, but haven’t been successful so far, but I guess that those other books will do as well, as it must be a common knowledge among those who follows a macrobiotic diet.


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