Wayne Hackett’s class about cause and effect, at Easter in Belgium

I was looking at the classes a little deeper, in case there was something new posted, and found some words about Waynes class “Cause and effect – relating text 1 and 2”:
Note: The intention of this STC is to nurture our understanding of the relationship(s) unifying the Jin Shin Jyutsu textbooks… bringing greater confidence (and efficiency) in treatment of projects. In addition to lecture and discussion, students will give and receive hands-on sessions daily.

This text is added to the information about the 3 day class in Boulder, Colorado, and I have signed up for a one day class in Genk, Belgium, but I’m looking forward to dig a little deeper into that subject, even though it’s only one day instead of three days, as in Boulder! And then it’s a two day class following, with the subject “The breath I am” – I’m looking forward to that class too, and hope to see a lot of you guys at those classes!

And when I contacted the organizers for the class to sign up, they told me that they mostly use the venue Mariagaarde Hoepertingen for classes, I googled the place, it seems like a very nice place, I’m looking forward to spend some time in a beautiful space as well:

So, if you want to join Wayne’s class, check out this adress:
where you will find the information you’ll need!


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