Wheat Belly Toolbox: Part 2 The Alternative Flours come out of the closet.

People ask me what to use instead of wheat, here’s a list of alternative flour – I want to add buckwheat, sorghum and millet to the list. And if you can find other nut flours, you can use that as well.
I also want to add a thing about flax seed flour – you shouldn’t eat too much of that, if you don’t heat it up – apparently the cyanide in flax seed disappears when it’s heated, I use it crushed flax seed a lot for baking, but I never eat the crushed seed without heating them. But in small doses “raw” flax seed is OK too, but watch out for the cyanide…

For the first couple of weeks of going wheat-free I was astonished at the existence of nut-flours. More surprising to me was the uses for chickpea flour which had been a part of my life, but I had only known in one form Panelle (see picture). A Sicilian fritter fried, covered in ricotta and melted parmigiano cheese on roll. Heaven.


Until reading the Wheat Belly book by Dr. William Davis I had no idea some of these flours existed. Why would I? I didn’t have any gluten intolerance’s to speak of. I was content with my “healthy whole grains” in my never-ending pursuit of weight-loss. You might remember that I even had a hard time saying nut flours without giggling a little bit. Yeah, it still makes me smile.

Beginning a wheat-free lifestyle means replacing white and wheat flour with something else. In our case, this boils down to select…

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