Jin Shin Jyutsu classes, Nathalie Max

Since I came home from my trip from the US I have taken some time to update my website with the new JSJ classes that are happening, and in the process of doing that, I have been looking in to a little deeper what different classes the instructors teach, more than just 5 day classes. And I must say that I am really impressed with the knowledge and wisdom that all those instructors can share with us, I want to go to all those classes.. of course I don’t have time or the money to do that, but I can try as many as possible anyway 🙂
It’s also very interesting to get as many instructors point of view as possible, I have been to several 5 day classes with a lot of different teachers, and I always learn something new every time. And I also try to go to special topic classes, to go deeper into different themes, JSJ is really a thing you can study all your life, and get new “aha-moments” all the way 🙂

We here in Sweden (Uppsala) are going to have Nathalie Max with us for a 5 day class, in the end of April/beginning of May, so I was looking into what other classes she teaches, what themes she goes deeper into, and these are my findings, from the jsj website:

“Journey from the Myth to the Visible and from the Invisible to the Reality – The Main Central – from the Kojiki to the Spine”
(these are the words about the class: Written in the 8th Century, Kojiki, the Record of Ancient Things, is a collection of tales which represent one of the founding texts of Japanese culture. It describes the creation of the Universe through myths, legends and Kami (spirits) stories. “At the beginning of heaven and earth, the Kami were born…” There are three of them: one is the Main Central. The Main Central is the keystone of Jin Shin Jyutsu. What’s its name? Who is it? What’s its place? How is it described in the Kojiki and how have the different qualities of this spirit have been infused into Text I, Text II and the three Self-help Books?
How is a unique respiration “born” from the Main Central and how, from this Breath, is the spine “born”? In these 3 days we will look with new eyes – focusing mainly on pp. 37-47 of Text I, pp. 3, 4, 42 and 43 of Text II, as well as the “Now Know Myself” sheet, also called the Answer sheet.)

“The 12 Organ Function Energy and the Lumbar Circle”

“The Heart Function Energy through Text 1 & 2″. What does it represent? Where is it located? Which are its various relationships to pulse listening. The story of a small picture becoming the history of the big picture”

“Body Reading and Pulse Listening” 

” Now Know Myself” 

and she also have mentoring classes.

So this is the teacher we are going to meet for a 5 day class in the spring, get ready for her! 🙂
here is the information about her:
and here is the information about all her classes:


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