Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments and classes with Anita Willoughby

I am trying to get to as many classes with as many instructors as I can, checking out my schedule and their schedule a little now and then, today I was looking into Anita Willoughby a little bit more. I have been at a Pulse listening/Body reading class with her in Germany a couple of years ago, in a cold January, and 2013 I spent some days in New York City, in a very hot July, and was able to get a treatment from Anita at her place in NYC, in the southern part of Manhattan (a very nice apartment 🙂 ).
She has a lot of interesting themes in her special topic classes, I hope I will be able to attend one of her classes soon again. She teaches a lot of 5 day classes, Living the art, Pulse listening/Body reading, but among other things she is a trained dancer, so one topic she can talk about is:

“How bones (5th), muscles (4th), joints and ligaments (3rd) work together so the physical body can move on Earth…”

Another theme is:
“Feeling the power of the Major Vertical Supervisory Universal Harmonizing Energy through being with the 26 SELs, as they interact to create the 5 depths of the body”

And to get a little deeper into two pages in textbook 1:
“The Depths on the Head, the Brain, the Spine, the Nervous System and Understanding pages 39 and 39, Text 1”

And another theme:
“The Health Of the Total Body through the Structure of the 7 Cervical Vertebrae”

And the Diagonal Mediator seems like an interesting thing to study:
“Exploring the Diagonal Mediator Universal Harmonizing Energy through studying its movement and playing with the attitudes.”

And the development in the womb:
“JSJ and the 9 months in the womb”

You can find information about all her classes here:

You can also find some videos with her here:

And here’s her website:


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