Dr. Tom O’Bryan: Gluten Sensitivity, Celiacs & Bulletproofing Your Gut – #61

Dr Tom O’Bryan was in Sweden recently, giving a lecture – I couldn’t go, but some friends were there, and I heard it was interesting! Here are some words from him, anyway…
the second link down below goes to a really interesting long podcast, hopefully they will let it be up there for a while… 


Have you heard? Gluten is harmful, but do you know why? Dr. Tom O’Bryan explains away dietary gluten, how it is detrimental to your health, and why it keeps you from being optimal – in a big way! He talks about his 30 years of experience in researching Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity and how you can drastically increase the quality of your life by getting rid of gluten in your diet. We also talk about the number one supplement he recommends to Bulletproof your gut, how gluten is like morphine, and if there are such a thing as “good” grains. If you want to understand gluten in a way you never have before and learn how it affects your body, this episode  is for you!

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is a nationally recognized speaker, workshop leader, healer, and researcher specializing in Celiac disease & gluten intolerance. He is a highly esteemed clinician in treating chronic disease and metabolic disorders from a Functional Medicine perspective. Dr. O’Bryan is the Sherlock Holmes for chronic disease & metabolic disorders, a triathlete, and a second-degree black belt in Aikido.


What You Will Hear

  •   1:56 – Gluten sensitivity and Celiacs disease: fact or fiction?
  •   2:30 – The problem with gluten
  •   3:31 – No real money in gluten health issues
  •   4:20 – Gluten-free diets aren’t bad; bad gluten-free diets are bad
  •   6:14 – Accurate information about gluten is critical to your health
  •   7:15 – You can’t be a little pregnant! You can’t eat a little gluten!
  •   9:36 – Gluten and addiction
  • 10:29 – ‘It no digest the gluten’
  • 11:58 – Another brick in the wall
  • 13:05 – Gluten is like morphine (gluteomorphins)
  • 15:08 – Depression as the #1 cognitive complaint in Celiac patients
  • 16:44 – Dave talks about gluten and the insidious ‘cheat day’
  • 17:33 – Finland 20 year study on gluten and cardio vascular disease
  • 18:35 – Silent celiac disease
  • 20:37 – Gluten sensitivity is 30xs more prevalent than Celiac disease?
  • 21:00 – The role gluten plays in many diseases
  • 22:28 – So what do we do now?
  • 23:06 – Good gran or bad grain?
  • 26:42 – Fiber and lectins and how they affect the gut
  • 27:51 – The most dangerous stage of Celiac disease
  • 29:09 – Gluten-free/Gluten-kinda, diet compliance
  • 30:35 – Yeast’s role in all this
  • 31:30 – Gluten and predictive autoimmunity
  • 33:48 – Female thyroid issues
  • 34:15 – Hashimoto’s disease
  • 35:30 – Mother’s milk
  • 35:55 – Gluten and autism
  • 37:30 – Hypoperfusion syndrome and blood flow to organs
  • 39:54 – How long does it take to feel the benefits of a gluten-free diet/lifestyle?
  • 41:40 – Tom recommends colostrum
  • 44:48 – Dave talks about Upgraded Whey Protein and colostrum
  • 46:22 – Dr. O’Bryan’s talks, The Gluten Summit

Links From the Show

The Gluten Summit

Dr. O’Bryan’s Website

Dr. O’Bryan on Facebook


Scientific American, “New Predictors of Disease” by Notkins

Andrew Keech, PhD, “Peptide Immunotherapy

Performance Retreats

40 Years of Zen


Bulletproof® Upgraded™ Whey 2.0


Click here to view the transcript of Tom O’Bryan: Gluten Sensitivity, Celiacs & Bulletproofing Your Gut – #61



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