Macrobiotic opportunities

If you are reading my blog regularly you have probably understood by now that Jin Shin Jyutsu is one big theme, but the importance of food is another big theme 🙂
I have been a vegetarian for many many years (not anymore, though), doing raw food a while, which was really good. But I feel when I stopped eating gluten some years ago, that made a very big difference in my health. So I am trying to eat as little grain as possible, if there’s gluten in it, and not eating anything at all with wheat, barley and rye, trying to stay away from oats and corn as much as I can too, even if it is said that it’s not that bad…

And I am exploring the world of macrobiotic food, trying to learn to cook new things and get inspired by going to different cooking classes – last June I was in the southwest of England, at Oliver Cowmeadow’s school, for a 5 day class, it was really helpful to “get on track” to participate in this 5 day class. He is giving those classes regularly during the year, and he has also a longer version (during 2-3 years), where you can go really deep into the macrobiotic world, learning to be a professional macrobiotic cook. Here is his website:  

Then, coming back to Sweden I was explore a little bit more what possibilities there was here, Karin Fredriksson is giving classes in Stockholm, she also give 5 day classes, but her classes is one day at a time, stretched over a year, sort of, because she wants to use the food that is available at different seasons (which is an important principle in the macrobiotic thinking…)
So I have been at some of these classes, and will participate later on too, when the classes are happening. And her website is: 

Karin has a teacher, Steven Acuff – I haven’t been able to find a website with his classes yet, but he gives lecture a little here and there, and he also made a DVD, I will post more about him when I find more. Here’s a little clip from youtube with him anyway:

Karin has also been traveling a little here and there, to learn new things, she was in Sacramento (or outside, rather) recently, and really recommend this place (Macrobiotic America), with these teachers (Cynthia & David Briscoe) – there’s a class happening 11-13 June, about fermenting, which Karin talks warmly about, but there are also other things happening, and you can find other resources at their website:



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