Jin Shin Jyutsu classes in England

For us Swedish people it’s quite easy to follow classes in English, so I want to post about classes happening in England  as well – not every JSJ class is posted on the official JSJ website (Scottsdale) – here’s a link to what’s happening in England:


There’s one 5 day class, one with Mona Harris in May, in Rugby, and one Living the Art with Carlyse Smyth, in August, in Hastings.

Self help classes is usually not posted at the official JSJ website, and sometimes it’s difficult to find self-help classes for us English speaking people, there are a lot classes in German, not as many in English, but at that website you have some self-help classes anyway. It was a lot self-help classes last year, according to the website, so it will probably add up later, these are the ones posted there so far:

(In January, already happened…)
Canterbury, with Eve Pearson
Marlborough, with Astrid Kauffmann

April, and September:
Near Carharrack, Redruth, Cornwall, with Peter Smith

And there’s also study groups listed, in Bristol, Purley, Rugby and Wigan
and there has also been a lot study groups last year, you can contact the organizers on the website to get more information about what’s happening!

Astrid Kauffmann has also an excellent website:




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