Update and clarification about the JSJ Certification Program

This is what it says on the website https://www.jsjinc.net about the new Certification program:

Dear Jin Shin Jyutsu friends and colleagues,

Our recent announcement of the new Jin Shin Jyutsu Certification program has generated an amazing response. Thanks everyone for your interest, enrollments, questions and concerns. We’re very grateful for your support and enthusiasm, and to those of you who took the time to share your questions and concerns. We’ll do our best to address some of your questions and concerns here.

Developing the certification program has been an enormous undertaking for us and has taken well over a year of hard work. It began when two private donors whose lives were deeply touched by Jin Shin Jyutsu gave a grant to the Atlantic Health System in Morristown, NJ to bring Jin Shin Jyutsu more substantially into the health care system. Both donors experienced unique benefits from Jin Shin Jyutsu not only in their health and well being but in their lives in general, and they wanted to support Jin Shin Jyutsu and help it grow and flourish. Atlantic Health recognized that what was most needed was a certification program.

Why a certification program? There already is a long history of Jin Shin Jyutsu classes being hosted at Morristown Hospital. Our instructors have taught many 5-day seminars, Now Know Myself classes, Special Topic Classes, and Living the Art classes there. However these classes did not technically confer certification on the students and practitioners who attended them, so the mandate of the grant was to create a program that could do so by meeting current professional standards.

After seeing a few of the comments and questions received over the past few days, we’d like to clarify this issue of certification for the Jin Shin Jyutsu community. Mary Burmeister and the Mary Burmeister Jin Shin Jyutsu Institute (also known as Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc) have always given students and practitioners a Certificate of Attendance. Our classes technically fall into the category of what is termed a Certificate program, which is not the same as a Certification program.

Because of the way we conduct our training students have received certificates of attendance and this distinction has been posted on our website ( Please click on the following link and scroll down to FAQ https://www.jsjinc.net/pagedetails.php?id=studypath&ms=1 )and in the Guidelines for Students document (formerly the Professional Practices letter) for many years. The training we offer does not include assessment of knowledge or skills, two essential components of the certification process. Our 5-day seminars today are taught in the style that Mary created when she first started teaching. There has never been an assessment component in our classes. This is not uncommon among other light touch therapy modalities, most of which do not certify their students.

Atlantic Health System (AHS) has been a forerunner in incorporating integrative medicine into the healthcare system. Many Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners have been working in the AHS hospitals for years, and there has been an evident need for additional specialized training. As the field of integrative medicine continues to grow and become more mainstream, there is an increasing demand for trained alternative practitioners to work in health care settings. This means more standardization and regulation. We are aware that many practitioners will not want to work in this sort of setting but we want to support those that do.

The new curriculum in the certification program has been developed in a format that follows current guidelines for adult continuing education programs. We developed learning objectives, assessments, and a practicum that would meet the standards of the more rigorous continuing education programs. Participants will be learning Jin Shin Jyutsu in a format different from the 5-day seminars.

This new format will also give Jin Shin Jyutsu a broader platform to be recognized as a valid integrative healthcare modality. This will prove especially valuable as more holistic and alternative approaches are examined and evaluated by the integrative medical field.

The Scottsdale office and Jin Shin Jyutsu faculty have also been concerned about the rapidly shifting landscape of issues and challenges affecting health care, and specifically the new state laws defining massage therapy and regulating touch. In some states it is now illegal to practice Jin Shin Jyutsu without a massage license. There needs to be a long-range plan to protect Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners, and one part of the plan involves developing clear and well-defined professional standards within our profession. If we do not create such standards of professionalism, it’s likely that outside agencies will step in and impose standards upon us. This may happen anyway, but we feel it is in our best interest to be proactive.

The certification we are going to offer through the new certification program is not the same as a license. Each Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner (whether certified or not) must continue to comply with the laws in their state, county, and city. That might mean that they cannot practice legally without a massage license, for instance. Some health care settings may insist upon a practitioner being certified, while others may not. There is no general standard at this point – but it is coming.

The challenge for the team charged with creating the certification program in Morristown was to create a compact program that would comply with the current guidelines and standards of continuing adult education and offer it to everyone – no prior Jin Shin Jyutsu experience necessary. If the program is viable over a period of three years or so, it has the potential to be expanded to other parts of the country and world. There are many creative and exciting ideas being generated about just what this expansion might look like, but first this program needs to get up and running and prove itself. It is new! Our instructors and staff are all on a learning curve too.

We consider the past and current training offered by the Mary Burmeister Institute to be the standard and the heart of Jin Shin Jyutsu training worldwide. It is offered in a way that reaches the greatest number of students in the communities where they live throughout the world. Our 5-day seminars, Special Topic classes, Living the Art and Now Know Myself classes are offered through a variety of perspectives providing the students with diverse and well-rounded learning experiences. This is our foundation and how the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu will continue to be taught by the Mary Burmeister Jin Shin Jyutsu Institute. The certification program is no substitute for years of Jin Shin Jyutsu classes, study with multiple instructors, and years of experience. It is intended to be a specific answer to a specific need in institutional health care settings.

The new certification program is limited in size to about 30 participants each cycle. It is more costly than the 5-day seminar and involves a substantial commitment of time and energy. There will be homework, papers, assessments, and other demands on the participant’s time. Many practitioners will not be interested nor feel the need for certification at this time. In the state of New Jersey, for instance, certification gives no legal advantage to the practitioner. In New Jersey it is only useful in specific settings such as a hospital where it might be required.

Of course, we do anticipate a time in the future where certification will be useful or essential in many states and situations. If our new certification program is successful, it will be expanded and there will be accessibility to certification to our practitioners that will be affordable, will recognize years of experience, and will be able to measure competency. This can be designed after this first phase of our own learning and experience with the new certification program.

For those of you with concerns about your insurance through ABMP, please be assured that nothing has changed for you. Your insurance is based upon your hours of class attendance.

Please return to this site to view upcoming posts with more news and answers to your questions. Thank you!

David Burmeister and the Certification Program team


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JoAnne Weston
    Feb 20, 2016 @ 19:04:16

    I am interested in obtaining this certification as I am a Family Nurse Practitioner. It has long been my desire and wish to incorporate Jin Shin Jyutsu in the health care system as a practitioner and educator.
    I am interested in the specifics of this program: Application process, selection criteria, costs, and times. As it is involved, I would like to start planning.
    Thank you for your consideration and support.
    Jo Weston


    • jsjheleneiliste
      Feb 20, 2016 @ 20:14:50

      Hi! That’s great that you are interested in the program! All the questions you might have can be answered by the staff at the Jin Shin Jyutsu office in Scottsdale, Arizona, here you can find the contact information:
      One person is not on the contact page, David Burmeister, but you can find him through that page too, he is the one who knows the most about this program.
      And of course the instructors involved, I know that Jed Schwartz, Susan Schwartz, Anita Willoughby and some other instructors are a part of planning this too.
      /Helene Iliste


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