First day of Sadaki Kato’s class in Los Angeles

Was spending the Sunday to move to another hotel closer to the venue, and then prepare for the class, studying Haruki Kato’s Jin Shin Jyutsu books, they are a little bit different than Mary Burmeister’s books.

And then came Monday – I met some old friends, Majella from Ireland is also participating, and aalso Philomena Dooley, nice to meet old friends, and also to make a lot of new friends. Sadaki started the class by talking about the history of Jin Shin Jyutsu in Japan, he told us many things about Jiro Murai, and also about his father, which deepens our understanding about Jin Shin Jyutsu.

And then there was lunch – the venue is located in an area where there’s a lot of Japanese restaurants, which is really appropriate – I had the best sushi ever, very nice 🙂

And after lunch we were doing some hands-on – first he showed us what the difference was between Mary’s and Haruki’s way of locating and using the Safety Energy Locks in the treatments, and then we were doing a preparaten flow, a good way to start a treatment, to get the energy moving where it should go… a 5-6-7 flow (not going to the 8th SEL, and using the 1st SEL as the first step, instead of using 15 with opposite 5, use 15 with opposite 1 before going to 15 – 5)




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