Third day of Sadaki Kato’s class…

He talks about so many interesting things, I can’ wait to get home and try out the new things I am learning here in Los Angeles.
And today he talked a little bit of the importance of food, how we eat, how much, and how the food can activate and help the life energy, but we also can burden the body if we eat the wrong way, or the wrong food, and so on… really interesting anyway, since I’m so much into the importance of food 🙂
He talked also about what hoppens when the energy goes horizontally instead of vertical, which it is supposed to be, and what to do about it – to work around and with the vertebras around 13, 14 and 15′ in a special way that he showed us, very interesting!
And in the end of the day he talked a bit about the Kojiki, and how it is relatedto Jin Shin Jyutsu, with all the Gods, interesting story!
There’s so much new information… and there’ still two more days of class, there will be a lot of processing of notes and photos to get the knowledge into my head and body, instead of just being stuck on the papers I have been getting in class…


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