Why JSJ 5 day classes works for both beginners and review students

I have been asked several times why it is possible to take Jin Shin Jyutsu 5 day classes many times, and why that is that the classes will work for both beginners and review students at the same time – I have explained it in a way that the learning is not a linear learning, but more a “spiral motion learning”. And when I was in Sadaki Kato’s 5 day class in Los Angeles last week, he also explained it in a way that made sense to me – he said that we could think of it as a mountain, you could climb a mountain (as in this picture “the way of comprehension”):








and that it depended where you were on the mountain – you would see the same thing, only from a different point of view:








and sometimes you would be at the other side of the mountain, which would get you a total other point of view as well (this is two photos, the north side and the south side of Mount Fuji):








and sometimes you only get a small part of the picture, maybe there are clouds covering a part of what you could see of the mountain (or the view from the mountain), or there are other obstacles (as in trying to explain what an elephant is like, when you are blindfolded, and only can use your hands to understand a small part of the whole picture)…

Elephant blindfolded


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