Safety energy locks in Jin Shin Jyutsu

I have been studying a little bit of the meridians from the Chinese point of view, to check out what the similarities and the differences are. And in that process I have wondered about some of these points that exist in Chinese medicine, why Jin Shin Jyutsu doesn’t use them as well, since I learned that there are some meridian points that are more important than others, and I thought it could be beneficial to use those points in a JSJ treatment as well.

Then I went to Sadaki Kato’s class in Los Angeles, he told us a little bit of Jin Shin Jyutsu history – it has been a process of adding on the Safety Energy Locks used in Jin Shin Jyutsu, in 1945 when Mary Burmeister started her JSJ study with Jiro Murai, there where only 15 SEL. In 1953 when Haruki Kato started to study JSJ there were 22 SEL, and in 1957 Jiro Murai added the last SEL up to 26. So, maybe, if Jiro Murai had lived longer, he might have added even more Safety Energy Locks?
And in this class with Sadaki, he added some of these points that I have been wondering about, among other things in Chinese medicine they talk about Spleen 6, which is really important, Sadaki called that point a “high 5”. He also talked about when the energy goes horizontally, which can be a really bad thing, then we can use points on the side of the body, those are also points I have been wondering about – now I got an explanation, and found out how I can use them in a treatment.

I have also wondered why there’s a difference in some flows, when comparing Chinese meridians and JSJ flows – we were told in the class that Jiro Murai experienced the flows in his own body, through long fasts – as I understood it he fasted 12 times, 3 weeks each time, and then he was able to feel the flows, sometimes the flows were the the same as in the meridian system, and sometimes they differed a little bit.
Sadaki also told us that Jiro Murai did some automatic writing – he visited the shrine in Ise, and was praying that he would be able to understand the Kojiki, what came through the automatic writing was the trinity flows.


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