Jin Shin Jyutsu classes with Waltraud Riegger-Krause

I was at a 5 day class in England a couple of years ago with Waltraud, sitting in that class I remember I was thinking that I was amazed over that all the JSJ instructors I have been taking classes with always have a little “twist” to presenting the class, in a way that I felt “this is why I came to this class this time, to hear these words”… and no exception this time, I don’t remember what she said now, but it was something I really needed to hear at that time…
And I have also participated in a self-help class with her in Copenhagen last May, where she had added the theme “stress” to it, how to use self-help to reduce stress, that class was also very interesting.

So, looking into what other classes she teaches, more than 5 day classes, Living the Art and such things, I find a lot of other interesting themes:
“Drawing and deepening of the Organ Function Flows”

“All Around Hands-On Practice”

“Neck, Shoulder & Spine”

“The Breath of Life through the Number flows. Deepening the Flows of Text 1 and Hands-On Practice”

“The development of mindfulness for avoiding stress and burnout”

And here’s the link to all her classes:




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