Jin Shin Jyutsu in Asheville, NC (Anita Willoughby and Sadaki Kato)


You are invited to join us in Asheville, NC this year. Begin your study or deepen your understanding of the Harmonizing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu with two fantastic instructors.

5-Day Basic Seminar
Instructor: Anita Willoughby
May 27 – 31, 2015*To Receive the Early Bird Discounted Tuition Rate (EB), Tuition must be paid in FULL by March 27, 2015.
This class teaches the philosophy, psychology, physiology of the art, as well as how to use the art. In attending lectures, one’s awareness and understanding are awakened, simply being the channel through which flow infinite aesthetic powers of the Creator.JIN SHIN JYUTSU PHYSIO-PHILOSOPHY is an ancient way to health and harmony. One hundred years ago, the art was rediscovered and retrieved from obscurity by Jiro Murai in Japan. Diagnosed with a terminal illness, he used finger mudras with the breath, and recovered from his illness. He then spent the rest of his life studying and teaching. During the 1940’s he met Mary Burmeister who was in Japan teaching English. She studied with him for 7 years before returning to the United States. Mary began sharing her knowledge in the early 1960’s. Utilizing the art of laying on of hands in prescribed sequences, we are able to help others and ourselves restore harmony physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
For more information about Jin Shin Jyutsu visit the Jin Shin Jyutsu Institute online.CEUs Available for Nurses, Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists

New Student :
USD $930 /*EB USD $835
Review Student : 
USD $600 /*EB USD $540
Terms and conditions of Tuition:
$100 deposit is required to secure a space in this class.
*Early Bird (EB): Must be paid in full 60 days prior to class or March 27, 2015.
Cancellation fees apply after April 27, 2015.

Our class will be held at the Comfort Suites at Biltmore Square Mall, 890 Brevard Road, Asheville, North Carolina 28806. 828-665-4000.http://www.ashevillenccomfort.com
The Comfort Suites is conveniently located halfway between the Asheville Airport and Downtown.  Our downtown is vibrant and filled with lots of amazing shops and great places to eat!Lodging: 
Comfort Suite offers a lodging discount to our students. Please ask for the discount when you reserve your room at least 30 days ahead of class.
About Anita Willoughby:
Anita Willoughby is a physio-philosopher who has practiced Jin Shin Jytusu for 30 years. While her family and clients are based in New York City, Anita’s ability to quickly create a relaxed learning environment in any cultural context makes her a highly sought-out teacher around the globe. Her wisdom regarding the trinity of body, mind, and spirit arises out of a lifetime of experiential, professional, and spiritual learning. Her experiences as a dancer, mother, and healer, as well as her study of the Kabbalah, provide her with a rich garden of knowledge from which she spontaneously plucks insights when adapting to the particular needs of a group of students.Compassionate, yet frank, Anita uses her exuberant physicality and sense of humor to teach students the practical application of JSJ in daily life.   Anita instills students with an expansive perspective on JSJ, presenting it not as magic bullet for fixing what’s ‘wrong’, but as an adaptive, fluid way to approach and engage the trinity of body, mind, and spirit, throughout our ever-changing lives.
5-Day Kato Text Seminar
Instructor: Sadaki Kato
In Japanese with English Translation
September 9 – 13, 2015PREREQUISITE: Seven 5-Day classes or Five 5-Day classes, plus a NKM or Journey Continues Class.

This class explores the development and characteristics of Jin Shin Jyutsu in Japan
• Tracing the history of Jin Shin Jyutsu in Japan.
• Reconstructing some of Master Jiro Murai’s Jin Shin Jyutsu lectures
• Learning basic concepts from Haruki Kato’s “Jin Shin Jyutsu: Master Jiro Murai, the Originator, and His Work (The Method of Enhancing TaiEki Circulation Using Ki-Eki)
• Acquainting with Haruki Kato’s teaching and practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu in Japan: Clinical Cases
• Exploring and experiencing various flows and changes in conformation

CEUs are available. Please Inquire.

New Student :
$930 (If you have prerequisite, but have never taken classes with Sadaki or Haruki Kato)
Review Student :
$600 (You qualify as a review student if you have taken classes with Sadaki or Haruki Kato)

Terms and conditions of Tuition:
A $100 Tuition Deposit will hold your place in this class.
An additional $100 Deposit will hold your Lodging choice.
No Early Bird Discount for this class.
Cancellation fees apply after August 9, 2015.

Our Class will be held at the Blue Ridge Assembly, a YMCA Mountain Retreat and Conference Center between Asheville and Black Mountain, NC. It is a gorgeous location with hiking trails and mountain views and charm… the lodging is incredibly reasonable for hotel type rooms on-site and includes breakfast lunch and dinner.  Rates are for Check in Sept 8-Check out Sept 13… arrangements can be made to extend stay if needed.  Registrations for both the Seminar and for Lodging or Lunch at Blue Ridge Assembly will be made through me. Please NOTE if you will be sharing a room with a spouse/friend who is not participating in the Seminar.Lodging: For 5 nights (includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner-Vegetarian and gluten-free options.)
Shared Room: $337.50/person (2 people per room)
Private Room:  $500About Sadaki Kato:
Sadaki Kato is the son of Haruki Kato, who like Mary Burmeister, studied Jin Shin Jyutsu with Master Jiro Murai.

He began apprenticing with his father after finishing studies in the Dept of Economics at Nihon University and attended the Japan School of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Physiotherapy from 1994-1996. As a result he is trained in Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

In 2013 he joined the Jin Shin Jyutsu faculty and research team. This seminar is based on his father’s text books. Those of you who were unable to study with his Father and have the requisite number of classes, will now have the opportunity to study this material.

Mail Your Registration Materials to: 
Beth Molaro, 38 Merchant Street, Asheville, NC 28803
OR Email to: bmolaro@earthlink.net

Beth Molaro
(828) 712-0115
email: bmolaro@earthlink.net


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