Jin Shin Jyutsu classes with Matthias Roth

I have met Matthias Roth a couple of times when I have participated in different classes, but he was not the teacher, but the translator, and also sometimes being around as a guest – I have tried several times to fit in his classes into my schedule, haven’t been successful yet, but I’m working on that 🙂 it would be very interesting to participate in one of his classes, since I am very impressed already in what his knowledge is, and his approach, and what he can teach, so if you have a chance to participate in one of his classes, then I think the money and the time is well worth spending…
His special topics at the JSJ website are not many at the moment, but I know that he can do more than what’s up there now, but the two topics that are there are interesting anyway…

“The Last Pages of Text 1 and 2”

“What the Pulses Tell Us”

He is teaching a lot of 5 day classes, and you can find the information about his classes here:

He has also a JSJ website, and there you can find more special topics – and since he speaks so many languages there are also classes in a lot of different languages:
‘m using translate google to find out what his classes is about 🙂 and really wish that I could speak any of those languages he uses, to be able to go to a class… if you speak German, French or Spanish there are classes for you there at his website! And I hope there will be English classes soon too that I will be able to attend!



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