More Jin Shin Jyutsu classes with Wayne Hackett

I have been to several of Wayne Hackett’s classes, it’s always interesting, and I intend to go to more of his classes, when I have a chance to 🙂 I was trying to go to Hawaii for a class with him (he lives there), 2 years ago, but it didn’t work out that time, for different reasons, but at that time I ended up in Scottsdale instead, getting the JSJ intensive treatment thing, which was very nice. Getting treatments with Karen, Pat and Terry – I highly recommend it! But to go to Hawaii is on my bucket list, we’ll see when it happens, I’ll keep my eyes open for an opportunity…

But Wayne has classes not only in Hawaii, he travels a lot, so I (and you) have a lot of chances to find classes where it’s possible and easier to go. And he has very nice special topics:

“Cause & Effect” – Relating Text 1 and Text 2 (What is Cause? What is Effect?)

“The Breath I Am”
(He had a 3 day class in Belgium with these two topics last April – I was there, and felt like a beginner again…)

“Exhaling: The Descending Depths”

“5 Day Self Help Class Mary’s 3 Self Help Books, experienced and explored with Wayne Hackett”

And here’s the full list of all his classes:


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