I am disappointed – is this really true about Starbucks? Not good…


On the weekend, legenday singer Neil Young had his last Starbucks latte. 

Why? Because Neil Young is now boycotting Starbucks for being a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association — the body that is suing the U.S. state of Vermont. The exciting thing is that he’s doing it because he saw our petition (see below!).

Neil Young’s on board. We’ve already had over 320,000 SumOfUs members sign on. Now we need you to show Starbucks that we won’t be ignored. 

Will you join Neil Young and ask Starbucks to stand up for accurate food labeling? 

Tell Starbucks that we have the right to know what’s in our food. Add your voice now.


Starbucks doesn’t think you have the right to know what’s in your coffee. So it’s teamed up with Monsanto to sue the small U.S. state of Vermont to stop you from finding out.

Hiding behind the shadowy “Grocery Manufacturers Association”, Starbucks is supporting a lawsuit that’s aiming to block a landmark law that requires genetically-modified ingredients be labeled. Amazingly, it claims that the law is an assault on corporations’ right to free speech. Even a local Vermont company, Green Mountain Coffee, has joined in.

SumOfUs members have already chipped in to support Vermont’s legal defense fund. Now, we need to undermine the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s base. Monsanto might not care what we think — but as a public-facing company, Starbucks does. If we can generate enough attention, we can push Starbucks to withdraw its support for the lawsuit, and then pressure other companies to do the same.

Sign the petition to tell Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee to withdraw their support for the lawsuit against Vermont, and stop fighting accurate food labeling.

Vermont is a small, entirely rural state with just 600,000 people. It’s a classic David and Goliath fight between Vermont and Monsanto. Considering that Starbucks has been progressive on LGBT and labor issues in the past, it’s disappointing that it is working with the biggest villain of them all, Monsanto.

There’s much more at stake here than just whether GMO foods will be labeled in a single U.S. state. Vermont is the very first state in the U.S. to require labeling. Dozens of other states have said that they will follow this path — in order to encourage this, we need to ensure that Vermont’s law stands strong.

That’s why Monsanto and its new allies are fighting so hard to kill GMO labeling in Vermont.

But whatever you think of GMOs, corporations should not be using massive lawsuits to overturn legitimate, democratic decisions with strong public backing.

SumOfUs is already fighting back — we helped Vermont raise almost a quarter of a million dollars to defend themselves against Monsanto’s bullying! But the next strategic step is to pressure and call out members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the shadowy body leading the lawsuit.

Add your voice now. Tell Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee to stop supporting the lawsuit against Vermont.

From Neil Young’s website:

Still no Latte for me. No more Starbucks at all until the giant corporation stands up and comes clean.
Although Starbucks official response denies accusations that it has teamed with Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturing Alliance to overturn the the anti labeling law passed in Vermont, the facts show Starbucks response is misleading to their customers.
Starbucks and Monsanto are both members of the GROCERY MANUFACTURERS ALLIANCE, the organization behind the lawsuit against the state of Vermont.
Monsanto Logo    Alliance is defined as “a pact, coalition or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests.”
It is my opinion that Starbucks and Monsanto, as part of this alliance, are clearly supporting and funding a lawsuit against the state of Vermont that aims to overturn a law supporting food labeling. The GMA is merely Starbucks’ and Monsanto’s front, used to deflect criticism and avoid responsibility for their actions.
Internal GMA documents filed last year as part of a lawsuit in Washington State revealed members contribute to a “Defense of Brands Strategic Account” designed “to help the industry fund programs to address the threats from motivated and well financed activists” and to “shield individual companies from criticism for funding of specific efforts.” –Reuters
The GMA, in alliance with Starbucks, is suing to overturn a recent law, passed by citizens in Vermont, that allows them to know what they are eating by providing food labeling.
Neil Young
November 24, 2014
Malibu California


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