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Conversations are underrated. A fast-paced 24/7 lifestyle has made many people expedite things, even life experiences. We want the answers now. We want the fixes now. We want it done now. Most people do not want to talk about it or explore, even with themselves. What we find, though, is that the journey is the point, not the destination. The journey is the gold.

Time factor is not the only pressure. When we are sick, we are also dealing with pain, uncertainty, and mortality. We just want to be out of pain. We just want to be healthy again. Now. We worry what we are doing is not making a dent, not turning things ‘round. Not fast enough. The statistics do not look good and we worry. It is scary to follow the “familiar” milestones as a disease “takes its course.” For many, it is also terrifying to walk their own path, having no recognizable signposts, guided only by their inner compass. Listening to that stillness within requires we are quiet and silence is not something many people have time for or are comfortable with.

We have also been brought up with a reductionist approach to healthcare, which is essentially sickcare. We fix what is “wrong” – what is not working. Got a headache? Take a tylenol. Got a virus? Antibiotics. Depressed? ADHD? Other pills. Allopathic medicine focuses on combating the symptoms and on preventing further pathological development. Allopathic medicine is great for life-saving measures and there is definitely a place for it. We are not anti-medicine and are very excited about the growing field of integrative medicine but ask that the first port of call is not a tylenol or even antibiotics, especially when a pattern of illness is present. What we are saying is to have conversations. Ask questions. Understand your options, including those that are not mainstream but fall under complementary or even alternative care. Tap into the principle of holism. Stretch a little out of your comfortable zone.

What I love about complementary and alternative streams is their philosophy, and how I can apply them to life in general and my own journey to a greater understanding of myself. Know Thyself. If you have seen a steady stream of doctors, you would know that it helps to be able to answer questions from “how much water do you drink a day” to “when was your last menses” to “what part of the day do you feel no energy” and “when did this start.” Knowing yourself helps your practitioners, be they allopathic or otherwise, build a better picture of what may be going on. Knowing yourself brings you out of auto piloting through life, and into more potential. Self-inquiry opens doors, as well as hearts.

If you ask complementary/alternative practitioners for a soundbite of what they do, most would be hard pressed to come up with anything more than “bringing a person back to balance,” “giving a person more energy so the body can heal” “looking for the underlying cause” or “removing blockages” because in spite of the diversity of methods, the belief is that there is an intelligence, undeniable interrelations, and energy. We do not use the word “well” or even “healthy” all that much because we realize true wellness goes beyond the physical and is not marked by a lack of disease. We are trusting the body and its innate wisdom to do what its 100 trillion cells (and their 100 trillion atoms) are programmed to do, according to our blueprint. We trust that dis-ease points to a deep underlying imbalance, and a call to look at our lives. What often happens is we disconnect from our essence. We disconnect from our body. We create blockages when we experience trauma, suppress symptoms, disallow our emotions to be expressed, continue habits that burden the bodily functions, etc. The healing journey is about much more than getting disease-free.

So what are some of these complementary/alternative therapies?

If you ask a JIN SHIN JYUTSU practitioner what Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is, they are likely to tell you about the 26 Safety Energy Locks and how this modality has a Self-Help component which makes it easy and simple for everyone to do. It is not elitist because well-being is our birthright. “Be your own testimony” is what the late teacher and founder of Jin Shin Jyutsu (Scottsdale) Mary Burmeister frequently said. Further into the conversation, a JSJ practitioner is also likely to share that they are students, long-life students in fact. While JSJ is simple, it is also profound and powerful. Aside from JSJ working on the level at which meridians are created, we do not really truly understand how it works. But it works. It, being healing, not curing, and that is an important distinction. When we work on ourselves, spend time with ourselves, and love ourselves, no matter the outcome, be it deterioration and death or undreamed-of-vitality, healing happens. Becoming more self-aware is healing. Bringing people together to release past hurts is healing. Manifesting what many would call a miracle is healing. Anything that brings us closer to Source is healing.

I thought about a few other modalities and what wisdom I have thus far gleamed. How each plants ideas that go beyond the reductionist model, bringing wholeness and possibility back into play. We can benefit in so many ways, even if it is just opening our mind to new ideas and that there are other choices available to us.

REIKI works with Universal Energy. Qi or life force. It is often asked how JSJ differs from Reiki. There is a term in JSJ, jumper-cabling, which means that we are allowing for blockages to release but we are not doing whereas in Reiki, a practitioner transfers energy to the client for a more general application. JSJ practitioners also read the pulses and the body to determine specific flows to use.

The way I explain it to clients who ask is to think of our bodies as homes. Reiki addresses the main power line coming into the house and the grounding line. Jin Shin Jyutsu interacts with all the intricate circuitry in the home that brings energy to every room, every outlet. Our 26 SELs function like the circuit breaker panel, constantly monitoring the electrical system, ready to save our home if there is something out of the ordinary going on in the distribution of electricity. – Leslie Salisbury Demich, Body in Balance

Reiki practitioners also work with five principles –

Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Like many alternative/complementary modalities, Reiki is often seen as pseudoscience. Even if someone does not believe in qi, chi, prana, etc, they can benefit from these principles, which bring peace to the mind, healing to the body, joy to the spirit, abundance to the soul, and love into the will.1

Being angry and worrying are common challenges for most people. This does not mean you should not be angry but to allow it be expressed in a healthy way. In our society being angry is frowned upon (mostly because we are uncomfortable with it) and more often than not, we suppress outrage. Emotion is energy in motion and health depends on it being in flow and even emotions deemed as negative have their place. Being angry reminds us what we do not want and often propels action. It is energetic and less worrying than having someone who feels resigned. But anger festers in the body. Resentment builds and joy is stripped from one’s life. Being angry also holds someone hostage in the past, rather than living in the present moment.

Mindfulness is the fastest self-help therapy. – Siewfan Wong, Gallery Helios.

Living in the future is not productive either and that is what worrying is. Having a vision is not the same as living in the future, in fear of something that may or may not happen but definitely has not happened. Like anger, worry takes us out of the now. Now is where the power is, where possibilities lie. Now is where we decide how we deal with what has happened and take the next steps forward. To be able to recognize and give thanks for all that is in our life is the gratitude in practice. This is the highway to joy and abundance! When we are grateful we recognize that the world is not a win/loss paradigm. We do not need to hurt or deceive others or take at the expense of others to live the life we desire. Living this is a game-changer! These five principles help us remember we are powerful creators and how we live matters.

I’d say with Reiki, the path is about discovering what is going on inside, observing one’s actions and as much as possible, trying to be of service, being more calm, and being love. – Pavla Williams, Reiki Singapore

NUTRIPUNCTURE works with four vital parameters for the body or four essential conditions for vitality are – bipolarity, being in the here and now, spatial orientation, and sensory and cognitive identity. Life is based on polarity, like the principle of yin-yang. “Each of these two inseparable poles is essential for the other’s expression; their synergy is the prime support of life.”2 The principle of bipolarity is fundamental – sympathetic-parasympaethic, female-male, acid-alkaline, a pairing that can also be seen in the meridians. Bipolarity is what drives life as we know it, as far as we know at this point.

Being here and now means we are within a certain space and time. If you are in Singapore, are you really in Singapore? Or maybe it’s Paris? Or elsewhere? Spatial and temporal anchoring helps us take in and properly integrate the information of our environment. We are an open system with our ecosystem and being electromagnetic, we are effected by the qualities of the magnetic field of where we are located. The body follows various biorhythms and natural cycles for its proper functioning. Anchoring helps us follow the natural flow of our energy systems. Do you have your right, left, front, back, top, bottom, outside, and inside sorted? Often those who are easily lost can have this aspect out of balance, as well as those who get their left and right wrong way round. On the physical level, being able to discern front and back, for example, helps our mobility. Having the ability to project in these backward and forward directions supports us in moving forward in life. Anchoring also helps with our sense of personal space and boundaries.

Cognitive identity is about being on our own identity, expressing who we are and recognizing the other, “without any fusion or confusion.”3  We are all unique, not only on the cellular and genetic level but our triggers, our stories, our relationships… We can only heal what is ours and living our lives for someone or as someone else, is unhealthy. Being fusional with someone else – be it a parent, spouse or sibling – can mean having the “wrong” information circulating in your system.

Even without using the nutris (trace minerals used to activate/restore/nourish organ circuits or vital currents to trigger self-regulation), we can benefit from Nutripuncture. Start the day by saying hello to your different organs. Feel, for example, if your lungs feel like your lungs and if your colon feels like your colon (or reversed). At first, this may sound impossible. How do lungs even feel like? This is part of the “Know Thyself” journey. The more you practice, the more fine-tuned you will become with how you feel internally. This not only connects you to your own body but to how you feel on more and more subtle levels so you will know when you are just a little out of balanced, not a whole lot out of balanced. Another “exercise” is to check if you are on your own identity throughout the day, especially after some strong encounters – feeling depleted or out of sorts, arguing with someone, etc. The more often and the longer we are off our identity, the less vitality we experience in life.

“From the time of birth, experience is fundamental to individual developments and is an essential “fertilizer” for awakening the abilities programmed in the genes of every human being. In fact, without adequate stimuli, all the information contained in our gene pool cannot be activated.” 4

FLOWER ESSENCES and HOMEOPATHY do not logically make sense. How can a dilution to the point where no physical matter exists work? How does making a Mother Tincture from placing flowers in a bowl of purified water work to restore balance? Anyone who has spent time with flowers and connected with plant spirits will know instinctively how profoundly powerful flower essences are. Many people swear by flower essences and homeopathy, which are also often mocked as quack science. From a Newtonian perspective, yes, it makes no sense. What we are working with is energy and the fact that we are electromagnetic beings and respond to frequency, not only matter. As a species, we have spent our time intimately connected to the earth and the cosmos. “The primary frequencies the body needs are given by the sun and the earth.”5 We are tuned to them and their harmonics. We live within electromagnetic frequencies, such as Schumann’s Resonance Frequencies, “the planetary heartbeat that sets the tempo for our health and well-being.”6

Using flower essences and homeopathy, along with earthing, reconnects us to the earth. This is an important point, especially as more and more people live far from the ground or spend much of their time travelling in the skies. Dr Edward Bach who invented the Bach Flowers system also said that what we need can always be found near us. Nature has the answer and oftentimes, it is literally right in our backyard. Working with these treasures of the earth and the plant kingdom brings greater awareness of the damage we are causing to our environment and the imbalance we are causing in our ecosystem. Is it not time to remember we are of nature? The imbalance outside reflects the imbalance inside and vice versa.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. – Nikola Tesla.

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS™ & ACCESS BARS™. This modality is out to change the way you think and it is fantastic! We live our lives from our beliefs, so many of which are subconscious. We live from some program that was written by others, beliefs we somehow absorbed and adopted, even before the age of two. I love that Access is about asking questions and not solidifying reality with answers. Answers stop the conversation; questions lead us to interesting places. In March 2015 neuroscientist Dr Jeffrey L Fannin showed the positive brain changes from doing just a short session of Access Bars. Bars are these 32 areas of energy in our head that store the electromagnetic component of our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, decisions, etc. and an Access Bars session “deletes” the files from our server that we call the brain. When we change how we think about life, when our perspectives shift, we are freed from patterns and possibilities really open up. “How does it get any better than that?”™

FELDENKRAIS We like to label and categorize things. We do. It helps us understand. It helps diminish the overwhelm factor. To say that Feldenkrais is a body or somatic modality is to forget that the body, mind, and spirit are interlinked and cannot be uncoupled. We forget that how we hold our body results in changes in organ function and emotion and vice versa. Is your digestion problematic because your stomach is not functioning optimally? Is it your diet? Is it emotions denied? Is it poor posture?

The GRINBERG METHOD, another fantastic modality is all about awareness. Of what it feels like being in the body. In YOUR body. Oftentimes we lock out parts of our own body because sensations are too painful, too overwhelming, or just too much. The problem is when this short-term strategy morphs into a long-term approach and prevents us from being ALL of who we are. We pick up patterns like not breathing fully or breathing only in the upper part so that we cut off the flow of emotions (and energy) throughout the body.

With enough energy and attention, there are very few things that cannot be achieved. – Avi Grinberg, Founder.

Grinberg Method practitioners will tell you this is not about healing, but learning. Learning to be in your body once again. And yes we are often broken and in need of “fixing” but it is a matter of remembering.

Living in Singapore, most of us may be more familiar with Chinese REFLEXOLOGY but similar methods were used by Native Indians and African tribes and in Egypt, India, and Japan.7 In Europe, this practice grew out of Dr Fitzgerald’s work with Zone Therapy. His findings led him to the idea that the body contains ten longitudinal zones, from toes up to the head, each of which is on the same energy flow. Like in JSJ, where we look for cause in the opposite region of the effect, in this zone-approach reflexology, for a problem in the hip, look to the shoulder or for a problem with the ankle, look to the wrist. Also similar to JSJ, Zone Therapy works with transverse zones – shoulder, waist, and pelvic floor and in this case, correlate to the feet. The idea that the whole body is mapped out in the hand, foot, ear, etc reflects the fractal (self-similar pattern) nature of existence. We see these fractal patterns in shells, watersheds, leaves, coastlines, mountain ranges (aerial view) and even the foldings of DNA.

Given how much we know, there is a lot that we do not know and even things that we do not even know we do not know about. Whenever we learn something new, we are creating neural pathways and we make new connections. Life is about connections and self-awareness is a state that allows us to see more, experience more. Perhaps the belief that we are spiritual beings living a human/physical life is not within your paradigm, and that is alright. Even if someone does not believe in anything more than the “right now, right here” they can still benefit from these modalities in approaching life from a different perspective and being more heart-centered and open to new experiences. Maybe we are not all ready to jump into a spiritual practice or a more esoteric form of healing, but we can all recognize our journey of self-awareness and how, through this knowledge, we can live happier lives and connect more deeply with those around us and to our environment.

Perhaps some people can take a different step and leave behind the Newtonian science that is taught in school and be more comfortable with what quantum physics is showing – that we are energetic. The universe is holographic and “reality” is the manifestation of an observation. Experiments show that atoms exist in both particle and waveform and how they show up is affected by the observer. What we decide in our life, through our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions, makes a difference in what shows up.

Let the conversations flow.

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Fractal foundation.org


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