Acupressure class in Bålsta, Sweden

I have been taking a acupressure class for a while now, I am halfway through the class now, we have had lessons 8 (extended) weekends this past year, and we will have 6 more to come in the fall and next spring. I wanted to take this class because there are so many people asking me what’s the difference between acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu – halfway through the class I feel like I have somewhat of an answer 🙂 there are a lot of similarities, but there are also differences.

But it also helps me to understand Jin Shin Jyutsu in a deeper way – I was participating in Sadaki Kato’s class two months ago in Los Angeles, and felt that my knowledge of acupressure (the way it is taught in this class) helped me to better understand some of the things he was talking about – and I also have been wondering about some acupuncture points (tsubos) – why those points wasn’t used in JSJ, since they seems to be really important in acupuncture. And I understood at Sadaki’s class that Haruki Kato had incorporated many of those points into JSJ, which was really interesting.

The history of Jin Shin Jyutsu Safety Energy Locks is that not all 26 were used in the beginning, Jiro Murai had 15 from the beginning, then he added SEL 16-22, and then the last 3 years of his life 23-25 came into JSJ. So I was kind of wondering – if Jiro Murai had lived longer, maybe there had been more Safety Energy Locks added to the history of JSJ…. now it was Haruki Kato that added some more – they don’t have a number, but Sadaki Kato talked about them, and they are on the acupuncture meridians.

Anyway, we had our last class-weekend this weekend, and we were having a nice dinner to celebrate “half-time” – this is what the place looked like 🙂

P1050728 P1050731 P1050730


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