My travels with Jin Shin Jyutsu :-)

I am on my way to the south of Germany, leaving tomorrow – the yearly gathering of all the European JSJ organizers is going to take place in Seeon this year, this time it is Mona Harris that is organizing this event. I am looking forward to this event, to meet all the nice people, talking about Jin Shin Jyutsu and planning ahead, and also exchanging treatments.
IMG_0579I have been to several of Mona’s classes, and can really recommend her, she has a lot of interesting topics on her plate, on the jsjinc website you can find the topics “Textures” and “Trinity flows” as well as the usual 5 day class, self help classes, mentoring and “Living the art”. You can find information about her classes her:
the photo is from a class in Uppsala, Sweden, with our good Norwegian friends Hanne and Anja, and Mona to the right)


Last year I was in Paris, the organizers meeting took place there at that time, and Nathalie Max was organizing, a very nice event. And we had the good fortune to have Nathalie with us here in Sweden for a 5 day class just last May, also a very nice experience, I (and many with me at the class) particularly liked her way of teaching and approaching the pulse listening, so if you have a chance to go to her classes, it’s nice to spend a class with her.
Here’s some information about Nathalie:
and here’s information about her classes:
she has also some interesting topics on her plate:
“The 12 Organ Function Energy and the Lumbar Circle”
“The Heart Function Energy through Text 1 & 2”. What does it represent? Where is it located? Which are its various relationships to pulse listening. The story of a small picture becoming the history of the big picture.
“Body Reading and Pulse Listening”
and of course mentoring, Living the art, Now Know Myself, and so on…

After the weekend in Seeon I am going straight on to Los Angeles, where I am going to participate in a class about “Cause and Effect”, with Wayne Hackett – I have been in several classes with him, it’s always interesting! He is one of the senior instructors, and have been studying a long time with Mary Burmeister,  I take every chance I can to learn from the instructors that have been with Mary a long time.
Here’s the information about him:
nd here’s the information about his classes:


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