Wayne Hackett in Los Angeles, Jin Shin Jyutsu class June 2015

So, back in Sweden again, with a little bit more reliable wi-fi thing, so I can start to post again…

The class in Los Angeles with Wayne Hackett was very nice, as always I am learning new things, but also going back and forth in “oh, now I really understand this”, and then the next moment “wait a minute, what was it again?”… but I will study my notes, and slowly slowly things are falling into place…
I have been at two 5 day classes with Wayne (Rotterdam and Hamburg), and last year I was in a special topic class with him in Belgium, “The breath that I am” (one day) and “Cause and Effect” (two days) – this time the topic was just “Cause and Effect”, and we were studying this subject for three days, so hopefully I have been deepening my understanding a little bit 🙂
Wayne also told us the exciting news that he is going to teach a class in China, in Taiwan, this will happen in August this year, and it will be the first Jin Shin Jyutsu class in China!
And he also was talking about Brazil, that the government is interested in Jin Shin Jyutsu, it is under “development” – I’m sure that we will hear more about it when it is progressing!
He will teach a lot of 5 day classes the year to come, and also some special topic classes, there will be a Now Know Myself class in Louisville, Kentucky, in May next year – I hope I can go to that one, have been trying to find NKM classes for some years now, that fits in to my schedule, and also is taught in English…
Here you can find the schedule for his classes:

and here’s some more information about Wayne:

The class in Los Angeles was taking place in the Santa Monica Place, in the Community Room, quite close to the pier/beach – Sadaki Kato’s class last March was more “further up” in the city, so it was nice to see some different parts of LA. And the class was also translated into Spanish by a really skilled woman (Claudia Escudero) – it’s not easy to hang in there, translating classes, but she did an excellent job. She is also a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, and an organizer in Mexico, so now I have another place I want to visit 🙂
And here are some photos from the class, and from LA:




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