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“Founder of Markey Cancer Center Jin Shin Jyutsu Program Heals Through Touch”

In 2003 Jin Shin Jyutsu changed Jennifer Bradley’s life. A devoted mother of three children, Jennifer had never heard of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ), a light touch energetic therapy with similarities to acupuncture and acupressure. Then her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in Northern California and received JSJ sessions as a regular part of her cancer treatment. “I certainly couldn’t pronounce it.” Jennifer says. “My mother would call dumfounded by my sister’s transformation. She’d go in for a JSJ session feeling terrible and walk out pink-cheeked, more positive and with an appetite.” During that time, Jennifer was the primary caregiver for her mother-in-law also undergoing cancer treatment and struggling with her emotions and side effects. Jennifer located a practitioner in Louisville and witnessed first-hand the power of JSJ. “Jess was different immediately. More energetic, more positive. It was thrilling.” She knew she had to learn more about this ancient therapy. The life change to Rare was on its way.
In 2008, after five years of study and certification, Jennifer became devoted to caring for people in need through JSJ. She opened a private practice and volunteered with Hospice of the Bluegrass and the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center. At Markey, she treated patients as they received chemotherapy. Patients told their oncologists of improvements in pain and stress with one JSJ experience. The word spread to Dr. Mark Evers, Head of Markey Cancer Center. Attentive to the needs of patients, Dr. Evers received grant support from the Lexington Cancer Foundation to establish a Jin Shin Jyutsu program. Now in its fifth year, Jennifer and her staff of practitioners and volunteers see cancer patients in Markey’s chemotherapy clinic, treatment room, and inpatient floors.
Jennifer’s devotion is not limited to cancer patients. She reaches out to caregivers, staff, and patients in other areas of the UK hospital including addicted infants. She offers monthly JSJ Self-Help classes where individuals use light touch on their own bodies to calm emotions, ease pain and distress. “It’s empowering to find there’s something positive you can do for yourself,” says Bradley. Beyond Markey, her teaching includes classes at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge, YMCA LiveStrong, Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, Federal Prison Medical Center, and regional cancer support groups. She teaches seminars to nursing and medical students at the University of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University “to open their eyes to the use of this complimentary therapy along with their western medical training.” She is in constant touch with interested programs and parties as far flung as South America, Napal, and Russia wanting to know more of this healing art.
In September, Jennifer will take her show on the road in partnership with Susan G Komen Lexington to reach women of color and Latina descent and to Markey’s affiliate hospital network through the promotion of 14 JSJ Self-Help videos. The videos, in English and subtitled in Spanish will be available on YouTube and through the Markey website in August, “Not everyone can come to Markey for JSJ, but they can learn how to help themselves through the videos,” says Bradley.
This hard to pronounce but powerful therapy has refocused Jennifer’s life. She has shared the gift of Jin Shin Jyutsu with Kentucky and beyond. Where will Jennifer’s devotion Jin Shin Jyutsu and her Rare Life take her next?

August 2015
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