New Years Jin Shin Jyutsu good wishes

When I started this blog a couple of years ago I  intended it to be a Swedish blog, but I realized quite fast that I have a lot of “visitors” from a lot of other countries, (so far I have had visitors from 118 countries…) so I try to keep my blog in English most of the time, sometimes there are things I want to share in Swedish – I hope that my English speaking friends can use for those occasions, if you want to 🙂

So I’m sending good New Year wishes to all my readers all over the world – this is a “Christmas tree” from the hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona (I was there last December) – if you haven’t been there I can recommend a visit!





We are going to have a 5 day class in Uppsala, Sweden with Carlyse Smyth, in the beginning of May (4-8) – I will most definitely be there, hope to see a lot of you there too 🙂



And hopefully I will be able to go to the Now Know Myself class in Louisville, Kentucky, in May, that’s my plan anyway!  I have been trying to fit in a NKM class for several years now, so this is on my schedule now 🙂

On the website it says that the instructors for this class will be Wayne Hackett,  Carlos Gutterres and Jill Marie Pasquinelli (Holden) – I have been to 4 classes with Wayne, so I know it is going to be good, and I have a friend that has been at a class with Carlos, she recommends him too, the only one I don’t know anything about is Jill Marie, but I’m sure she is great too!



And Sadaki Kato is coming to Ireland in the end of June for a class – don’t miss that opportunity, I will be there too!

You can find the information about all the classes here:




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