Interesting video about vitamins

I managed to see the movie for free a couple of months ago, they broadcasted it for free for a limited time – now it’s possible to see the first 30 minutes of the movie for free (the movie is 1 1/2 hour)  – it’s well worth to see the whole movie, it is very interesting.

This is a really interesting video about vitamins, if you want to do a more thorough research about the people in the movie, and what they say,  here are some names, and some key-words:

michael bettie

food matters movie
treat depression with niacin
trevor king
alan smith
tauranga hospital
andrew saul
helen saul case
erin elizabeth
alan gaby
john mosher
kelly brogan
derrick desilva
philip day
david brownstein
atsuo yanagisawa
roberto ortiz
bo jonsson
the vitamin cure
michael gonzales
jorge miranda massari
abram hoffer
john hoffer
hyla cass
garry vickar
jonathan prousky
ron hunninghake
steven carter
jovi shih
rick & debbie olson
michael beattie

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