Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help sheets, spring 2016

I just found this posting – unfortunately the classes with Ian Harris and Terry Matthews already have happened, but you can enjoy the information about the self-help sheets anyway!
Dear Students & Friends of Jin Shin Jyutsu,

This is to let you know that the latest edition (Spring 2016), of The Self Help sheets is now available on our website.

In addition we would like to draw your attention to the following classes coming up at the Scottsdale Office:

  •       The 3 day Special Topic Class “Pulse listening and Body Reading” with Ian Harris, May 20-22nd, 2016, in Scottsdale AZ

  •       The  2 day JSJ Self Help Class with Terry  Matthews: May 28- 9th, 2016, in Scottsdale, AZ
To access our website most effectively, you will need to use Internet Explorer at least 6.0 or later. All versions of “The Self Help Sheets” are in Pdf format. You will be able to read them using Adobe Reader (v 5.0 and above) – available with most PC’s/Mac’s or as a Free download from:
Best Wishes,
The Scottsdale Office Team
Best Wishes,
The Scottsdale Office Team
480 998 9331
480 998 9551 (f)

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