Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help class in London 18 June 2016

I got an email from Cheli Mula:
dear all jin shin jyutsu friends 
the next jin shin jyutsu selfhelp course in central london is going to come 
this coming saturday 18th of june from 10-5 pm, 
it will be the selfhelpbook 3, fun with fingers and toes, about the movement within the body 
costs are £65, includes the original selfhelpbook 3 from mary burmeister 
for more information and bookings please call me on 07789567612 or email feelgoodcentre@yahoo.com 
looking forward to see you 
please pass this message on to friends and people who might be interested, many thanks 
all best and a big hug 
many thanks 
Health in the City
65 London Wall,
room 57
London, EC2M 5TU
for information please call 079 4608 4848 / 07789567612.