Astrid Kauffmann’s Jin Shin Jyutsu website Flows for life

Astrid has a very nice Jin Shin Jyutsu website, with a lot of advice, videos, and much more, take some time to explore her website, there’s a lot of “goodies” there  🙂

Here’s a blogpost from her with a very simple advice, what to do when you are feeling stressed:

Self Help to Relieve Emotional Upset

Whenever I feel emotionally upset or stressed and need to
calm down, I do this great Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Hold:
I cross my arms and hold my upper arms.

Wrap right hand/fingers over the left upper arm,
and wrap the left hand/fingers over the right upper arm.
Close your eyes and breathe in and out until you feel that
your sense of calm is restored.

All you need is a bit of privacy and a few minutes to restore
calm and perspective… Try it out.

This JSJ hold also clears the chest, the digestive system and releases tension in the back.

And when you feel calmer, use the Donna Eden zip up technique to ‘ground’ the calm: all you need to do is ‘zip up’ your chakras from the base (pubic bone) all the way up the front to the mouth and ‘lock’.

This will protect your energy from outside attack and help you remain more grounded and strong.

Donna Eden’s zip up technique is very useful if you live in the city – do it before you go out, and again when you come back home. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden is available here