Mentoring with Michael Wenninger, Scottsdale, Arizona, 7 – 11 Aug 2017

I got an email from Kelly Mount:
Dear Friends,

As many of you are aware, Michael Wenninger will be semi-retired at the end of this year. He will continue to teach but the opportunities to study with him will be more limited in 2018 and beyond. Michael was scheduled to present a mentoring program at the Scottsdale office on Wednesday, August 7 – Friday, August 11. I have been planning to attend and would love the opportunity to study with Michael again. They only allow 9 students for each mentoring program but would accept a minimum number of 6 students. So far we have 4 students with solid commitments to attend but registration for this program will close tomorrow on Friday, June 9. If you are interested in attending Terry needs to hear from you by tomorrow and a $400 deposit will need to be paid. I am emailing some of my friends in the JSJ community to see if anyone else is interested in joining me for a special opportunity to study with Michael?!

In Harmony,
Kelly Mount


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