Jin Shin Jyutsu video – Health is in your hand – Power Flow 1

Here are the words at Youtube about the video:

How can you take health and wellness literally into your own hands? This video introduces you to Jin Shin Jyutsu, the effortless art of self-healing. It demonstrates the “Power Flow,” a self-help routine that boosts the immune system, alleviates back and hip problems, strengthens the reproductive system and eases foot and leg pain. Simply follow the instructions and learn how to alleviate discomfort and pain by placing your hands on specific points of your body. Experience the difference it will make! Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help is extremely effective, easy to learn and accessible to all. Info & Workshops: http://www.health-is-in-your-hands.com/ Kathrin Stengel

Jin Shin Jyutsu video from Health is in your hands – Immune Booster

The words about the video from Youtube:

Health is in your hands: Immune Booster – effortless self-healing with Jin Shin Jyutsu
(Tom Culkin, Kathrin Stengal)

How can you take health and wellness literally into your own hands? This video introduces you to Jin Shin Jyutsu, the effortless art of self-healing. It demonstrates the “Immune Booster,” a self-help routine that supports the immune system and literally comes in ‘handy’ when practiced at the onset of a cold or the flu. Simply follow the instructions and learn how to alleviate discomfort and pain by placing your hands on specific points of your body. Experience the difference it will make! Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help is extremely effective, easy to learn and accessible to all. Info & Workshops: http://www.health-is-in-your-hands.com/


Some videos with Matthias Roth, in German

This is some Jin Shin Jyutsu videos in German, with Matthias Roth – if you have a chance I recommend you take classes with him, he has great knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu. He also speaks several languages, and can give a class in Dutch, Spanish, French, English, and Italian, as I understand it, and of course German.

Jin Shin Jyutsu video + newsletter: Matthias Roth, about the breath

I have met Matthias Roth several times, but haven’t been able to participate in a class with him yet, if you have a chance I highly recommend it, he has a great knowledge about Jin Shin Jyutsu, I am really impressed with the things I heard him speak about at the occasions when I met him.
Here’s his contact information:
Matthias Roth, Mistralstrasse 7, 22767 Hamburg, matthiasjsj@mac.com – www.matthiasjsj.de

He has started a blog and it’s also possible to sign up for a newsletter from him, which I have done, here’s a video from him:
Everything is in the breath

And here is the newsletter:

Everything is in the Breath

One thing about Breath that seems to have intrigued Humans for as long as they have been breathing is that Breath is at once quite concrete and intangible. It happens to the body, it is essential to its life and survival. It varies with our every impulse and activity. It responds to the tiniest change in the moment. What we are really saying is that the movement that revolves around the Breath – breathing – can be felt and observed. Breath itself, however, is elusive; it is not a thing. The description of the air we breathe that most of us will have learned in school – a gaseous mix of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxigen and a tiny proportion of steam, noble gases and CO2 – would have been of little interest to the Ancients. Not breathing, not the air we breathe, but Breath itself: what is it!

In all cultures we know of, Breath seems to have been synonymous with the invisible Life Force that animates the Human Being. Only after a mechanical view equating the Human Being with the body had taken over did it no longer seem possible to refer to Breath as something that is ”inspired into us“. The body is, therefore it breathes. When it no longer does, it is dead. Period, right?

In order to make Mary Burmeister’s sentence ”Everything is in the Breath“ come alive for us, we are interested in the Breath as movement. Jin Shin Jyutsu talks of Breath as two things, the big ”Breath of Life“ and the little ”breath of life“. So we’ll be interested in two kinds of movement as well: physical movement generated in the body in many ways by breath and by breathing, and movement of energy. Both descend and ascend.

The downward movement gives things their weight. It helps us land and settle down. The more we do, the more we inhabit the space inside our body. The exhalation accompanies the downward motion and makes it progressively more tangible and sensible. Once the body is deeply familiar with this sensation, we start recognizing the quality of natural ”weightedness” in other areas of life as well: in words that carry weight, in actions that simply carry their natural weight.


The upward movement gives things their lightness. The upward movement can be increasingly effortless and complete if we have settled into natural weight in the Breath’s first movement. Exhaling frees things only from their heaviness, while it leaves them their weight. Ascending energy, borne and guided by the inhalation, permeates everything solid and dense with a new, delicate aliveness, thus carrying transformation and renewal into all that has taken form.

When we grasp how the Breath represents the two fundamental principles of Forming and Transforming, Mary’s sentence makes sense. Once we take it a step further and have our sensory awareness focussed on the Breath anchor these principles as our own bodily experience, as we land more and more fully in the body itself and become more and more permeable there, the sentence becomes a reality for us! It begins to show transformational results in our own lives.


In the video mit dem Titel ”Everything is in the Breath“ I guide a simple exercise to help you feel just that. you’ll find it under this link https://youtu.be/blNjXiC2fcE . Please do share it with any who might be interested.

© 2016: Matthias Roth, Mistralstrasse 7, 22767 Hamburg, matthiasjsj@mac.comhttp://www.matthiasjsj.de

The author expressly authorizes copying and free distribution of this text, on condition that it be unabridged and unchanged and that it include this mention, as well as the full copyright.


Jin Shin Jyutsu video with Jennifer Bradley – Post-Surgery Harmonizing

Here’s another of Jennifer Bradley’s Jin Shin Jyutsu videos, about post surgery harmonizing. She has made a lot of good videos, make sure to check out her other videos too!
Here you can find more information about her work at the UK Markey Cancer Center in Kentucky:
Publicerades den 14 okt. 2015

Surgical anesthesia are helpful medical components but can cause uncomfortable side effects such as headache, nausea, constipation and grogginess. These simple Jin Shin Jyutsu® holds when applied by a caregiver or loved one after surgery can assist with these unwanted effects. They also put the body into a state of relaxation which is optimal for healing. Learn more about the use of Jin Shin Jyutsu at the Markey Cancer Center here: http://ukhealthcare.uky.edu/jsj/.


0:09 We can help the body relax after surgery and assist with the side effects of headache, nausea and constipation with some simple Jin Shin Jyutsu holds given by the caregiver immediately after surgery in recovery or as soon as you are able.

0:28 Once the patient is in recovery, the caregiver may apply a simple hold we call “palming the calves.” Stand at the end of the bed or sit at the side of the bed of the individual, whatever is most comfortable for you. Place your hands with your palms facing up so that the palms hold the calves of the recipient with your fingers close to, but not necessarily in, the center back of the knee. It’s fine if your hands are not directly in line with the calves as they may be angled if you’re working from a seated position from the side. Hold for 20 minutes or as long as you are able.

1:07 Next, cross your arms and again place your hands so they are holding the calves. This time you’re working from the inside of the legs. Hold again for up to 20 minutes.

1:19 Palming the calves can be done whenever possible to energize the body and assist with healing from surgery. Palming the calves is also beneficial when applied after receiving chemotherapy. Opposite fingers and toes taught in another video is also dynamic for relaxing the body and assisting with healing after surgery. Please watch our other video for details about applying these simple holds.

Jin Shin Jyutsu video from JSJ Brasil

Here’s a Facebook post from jsjbrasil.com

Estresse, tensões, saúde delicada? A Arte do Jin Shin Jyutsu pode lhe ajudar! Saiba onde encontrar Praticantes próximos de você, que poderão lhe ajudar com sessões harmonizadoras, para aumentar o seu bem-estar e vitalidade. Marque um amigo que precisa relaxar nos comentários e confira: www.jsjbrasil.com.br/praticantes ‪#‎jsjbrasil‬

Stress, tension, health delicate? The Art of jin shin jyutsu can help you! Know where to find practitioners near you, who can help you with harmonizadoras sessions, to increase your well-being and vitality. Tag a friend who needs to relax in the comments and check out: www.jsjbrasil.com.br/praticantes ‪#‎jsjbrasil‬

Video: Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tari Heap group presentation

Publicerades den 29 juni 2016

This is a talk Tari Heap gave on the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and how it helped her stroke.

Video: Carlos Gutterres comparte un ejercicio de Jin Shin Jyutsu

Publicerades den 21 okt. 2015

Anticipo exclusivo de la nota que saldrá en Delasterapias TV con la presencia del instructor Carlos Gutterres, que vino a Argentina para dar un curso de autoayuda de esta poderosa técnica de bienestar.


Carlos Gutterres is a Jin Shin Jyutsu 5-day class and Now Know Myself instructor.He is from Brazil and was born in Porto Alegre. Since he was very young he has had a deep interest in the mysteries of nature and the human being, and throughout his life he has pursued the study of philosophy, psychology, numerology, astrology, and Kabbalah. He has been associated with several philanthropic and spiritual organizations, including one that he founded.

After working in industry for two decades, he felt he needed a channel to express everything he had been studying. He found this channel in the healing arts, first learning flower essence therapy and becoming a researcher and practitioner, then Reiki, and finally Jin Shin Jyutsu. He developed a flower essences system called Vida. He is the author of many articles and the book, A New Purpose of Vibrational Healing. As a student and practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu in Brazil, he has been committed to sharing awareness of the Art through articles, talks, interviews, self help classes and study groups throughout the country.

Carlos lives on a ranch near Porto Alegre with his wife, Vivian, where he enjoys contact with nature, and in this peaceful place continues his studies.He has three children from his first marriage: Daniel, Leonardo, and Vivian.

Here’s a link to his classes:


A collection of Jin Shin Jyutsu videos

Here’s a collection with some Jin Shin Jyutsu videos, some of them I already have posted here, but there are some that are new to me too…


Jin Shin Jyutsu video with Iole Lebensztajn

I don’t understand her language, but since Iole Lebensztajn is one of the “official” instructors, she will know what she is talking about 🙂

A instrutora Iole Lebensztajn ensina uma dica simples de como melhorar o foco e a concentração através da prática da Arte do Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Here’s a link to her classes:


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