Sad news about Patricia Meador

Some words from David Burmeister about Pat:
“At the age of 100, nearly 101, Patricia Meador decided to start flying with the angels. God bless you on your journey. 🙏”

I have been thinking a lot about her these last days, and was talking to someone about her, just yesterday, what a special person she was!
I am happy that I had a chance to meet her a couple of years ago, she had a lot of wisdom to share, and I am also happy that I had the good fortune to be able to get sessions with her, to experience her “butterfly hands”, as Wayne Hackett described them.

Honoring Ian Harris

Some words from JSJ inc:
“We are sorry to announce that our dear instructor Ian Harris has passed away. In this WE ARE ONE, we gather to honor his legacy of love, dedication and BEINGness, giving the global community an opportunity to join us in spirit and prayer.Our deepest sympathy goes to his family, friends, and students.Thank you for your messages and the outpouring flow of LOVE.”

Sad news about Ian Harris

David Burmeister shared the very sad news about Ian Harris today:
“We lost our dear friend and teacher to the heavens today. We love you Ian❤️”

He will be deeply missed, many many have had the good fortune to meet him, to take part in his JSJ classes, he shared his deep wisdom with a lot of humor, there were a lot of laughs in his classes. And we had the chance to take part in his class here in Sweden too, we will cherish his memory.

Here are some words about Ian Harris, from the website
Ian Harris spent his early years playing and studying music and riding his bicycle for fun and work, and studying Tai Chi, Meditation, eastern philosophy and yoga – in pursuit of a deeper awareness of himself and the universe. In 1982 he was introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu to receive sessions and soon thereafter attended his first seminar with Mary Burmeister.
He found in Jin Shin Jyutsu the common thread which tied all these other interests together and helped shed light on the many puzzles of life. For more than 30 years he practiced this art and taught Jin Shin Jyutsu since 2000. 
Originally attracted by the simplicity of JSJ and by Mary’s joy and straightforward manner in her teaching, Ian aimed to bring these qualities to his seminars. And so in his classes we could all relax and enjoy the unfolding of this Art.

Jin Shin Jyutsu videos from Alexis Brink/Jin Shin Institute

Jin Shin Jyutsu videos from Alexis Brink/Jin Shin Institute, a lot of great videos, very helpful:

And here you can find the website of Jin Shin Institute

And Facebook:

About the company Dupont, how they have poisoned the whole world…

I happened to see a new movie, Dark Waters (premiered here in Sweden March 6) – it’s about the company Dupont and how they have poisoned the whole world with their chemicals, in all kinds of products …
Mark Ruffalo plays a lawyer / whistleblower in this movie, here are some words from the Film City website, about the movie:
“A shocking and heroic story about a lawyer who, by revealing a dark environmental scandal hidden by one of the world’s largest chemical companies, risks his career, his health and his family. Everything to bring justice to a society that has been exposed to toxic chemicals for decades.”
Trailer Dark Waters:

Video: A documentary from BBC – DuPont Poisoning The World

some words from youtube about the video:
This is a perfect example of greed becoming more important, than citizens lives. How 3M and DuPont made billions by exposing the entire world to a toxic chemical which causes cancer and birth defects.

Video: DuPont vs. the World: Chemical Giant Covered Up Health Risks of Teflon Contamination Across Globe

Some words from youtube about the video:
Broadcasting from the Sundance Film Festival, we are joined by three guests who personally battled with DuPont and are featured in the new documentary called “The Devil We Know,” that looks at how former DuPont employees, residents and lawyers took on the chemical giant to expose the danger of the chemical C8, found in Teflon and countless household products—from stain- and water-resistant apparel to microwave popcorn bags to dental floss. The chemical has now been linked to six diseases, including testicular and kidney cancers. We speak with Bucky Bailey, whose mother worked in the Teflon division of a DuPont plant in West Virginia while she was pregnant with him, and who was born with only one nostril and a deformed eye and has undergone more than 30 surgeries to fix the birth defects; Joe Kiger, lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against DuPont, and a school teacher in Parkersburg, West Virginia, who suffered from liver disease; and Rob Bilott, the attorney that brought DuPont to court.

Some words about the chemicals:
“PFAS are used to manufacture a wide variety of products, especially anything meant to make surfaces non-stick or heat resistant. They’ve been used to make clothing and shoes waterproof for decades (Gore-Tex, for example, has promised to remove all perflourinated compounds from their gear by 2023—they are referred to as PFCs on Gore-Tex’s website.) The most widely-known compound of the group is PFOA, a perfluorinated compound that is used to make Dupont’s Teflon non-stick pan coating.

Another of these compounds is known as PFOS, and is the main ingredient in widely used firefighting foam, which has lead to widespread contamination around military bases, airports, and firefighter training facilities. The Pentagon has found PFOS in the groundwater or drinking water at 126 military bases so far.

To understand what’s happening here, one has to understand the magnitude of the problem. Over the last decade, many US states—and countries around the world—have slowly realized they have a massive water contamination problem on their hands. PFAS were, and in some cases continue to be, widely used chemicals that do not degrade in the environment, and the health effects of exposure to elevated levels of it are just beginning to be understood.

PFAS are now detectable at low levels in the blood of virtually everyone. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found PFOA in the blood of nearly every person they tested. In the United States, PFAS contaminates the drinking water of about 19 million people in 43 states.

Culpable companies—like DuPont and 3M—knew of the potential health effects but, much like Exxon did with climate change, chose not to make their findings public. Today, studies link elevated exposure to PFAS to heightened cancer risks, infertility, and developmental delays. One study found that young men living close to a PFAS site in Veneto, Italy had smaller penises and lower sperm counts.”

“Chemical company executives have denied responsibility for a category of toxic fluorinated chemicals that have contaminated water supplies around the US and are now found in the bodies of nearly all Americans.

Three companies – the 3M Company, the Chemours Company and DuPont – appeared before US lawmakers in a Tuesday hearing reminiscent of those with tobacco companies in the 1990s.

Is your takeout lunch bowl covered in toxic ‘forever chemicals’?
Joe Fassler
Read more
Democrat lawmakers on a subcommittee of the House oversight panel questioned who would pay for medical bills and massive clean-up programs, if not the corporations.

The California representative Harley Rouda, who chairs the subcommittee, accused the companies of obscuring and suppressing evidence in what he called a “seismic event” that “shakes the foundation of democratic capitalism” by “violating the trust of the American people”.
The class of chemicals, called PFAS, are in non-stick pans, water-resistant clothes, food packaging and firefighting foam. Nicknamed “forever chemicals”, they do not break down in the environment and accumulate in the human body. Numerous studies link PFAS exposure with cancer, thyroid problems and developmental issues in children.

The chemicals have been found in high levels in groundwater near industrial facilities and near military installations and airports that have used PFAS-based firefighting foam.

Congress is seeking to address the chemicals as part of negotiations on a 2020 defense bill, and the chemical industry broadly has opposed stringent regulation. Republicans on the subcommittee largely defended the companies.

Denise Rutherford, senior vice-president of corporate affairs for 3M, argued the chemicals pose no human health threats at current levels and have no victims, conflicting with a large body of research and 3M’s own internal documents. The company’s records – made public in lawsuits in West Virginia and Minnesota – underscore decades-long knowledge of the risk associated with the chemicals and an effort to avoid disclosing those dangers to the public.

DuPont’s chief operating and engineering officer, Daryl Roberts, however, said his company endorses regulation of two specific types of the chemicals – PFOA and PFOS. He said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should deem the chemicals hazardous substances and set a drinking water standard for them within two years.

DuPont both used PFOA in its Teflon products and then manufactured the chemical before spinning off that part of the business into a new company, Chemours.

Chemours is now challenging DuPont in court as the company denies liability over the chemicals.

The Michigan representative Dan Kildee called the companies’ defenses “ridiculous”, and said they have “made millions and billions of dollars by selling these chemicals”, but don’t want to take responsibility.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a representative from Florida, told the companies: “You have sickened our first responders and our members of our military, and I don’t know how you sleep at night.”

As far back as 1950, a 3M study of mice showed PFAS building up in the animals’ blood. In 1961, a DuPont toxicologist warned the chemicals enlarge rat and rabbit livers. In 1963, a 3M technical manual deemed PFAS toxic. The evidence continued to build for years, as outlined by health advocacy organization the Environmental Working Group. At 3M and DuPont, female workers were for a time reassigned from working with the chemicals for fear of the risks to any developing fetus.

Lori Swanson, the former Minnesota attorney general who sued 3M for contamination of her state, said the company “knew about the risks of the chemicals to the drinking water, the environment and human health for decades but concealed its knowledge, subverted the science and kept pushing the chemicals out the door”.

The Environmental Working Group has documented PFAS contamination in hundreds of communities. This week the group published data from the Pentagon showing an additional 90 army and national guard installations are contaminated with the chemicals, bringing the total number of military installations with known contamination to 297.

Rob Bilott, a lawyer for people who say they were made sick by PFAS chemicals, said: “The public may only now be realizing the scope of this problem, but the companies that manufactured these chemicals have been aware of the risks for decades and failed to alert the rest of us.” 

Important vaccin video with Dr Lawrence Palevsky

Here’s another vaccin video – this time with Dr Lawrence Palevsky – a pediatrician with 30 years of experience. So this is a doctor with a lot of experience, that gives a big warning about vaccines.

And here you can find his website

Självhjälp/egenvårdskurs söndag 23/2, 2020, i Stockholm

Jag har skrivit en inbjudan till självhjälp/egenvårdskurs på lite olika forum – inbjudan kommer här också:
Är du trött på förkylningar, ont i huvudet, ryggont, magproblem? Behöver du hjälp med smärtlindring, starkare immunförsvar, PMS och diverse andra möjliga och omöjliga sjukdomar? Vill du ha ett redskap för stresshantering, att kunna slappna av lättare?
Då är kanske akupressurmetoden Jin Shin Jyutsu något för dig? Det är en kraftfull självhjälpsmetod, besläktad med bland annat akupunktur och shiatsu.

Du behöver bara dina egna händer som redskap – och händerna har du alltid med dig! Det fungerar förstås också att behandla vänner och bekanta med den här metoden.

Jag heter Helene Iliste, och har hållit på med den här metoden sen i mitten på 90-talet – jag anser att det är ett väldigt bra självhjälpsverktyg, det har hjälpt mig mycket i mitt liv, och jag vill gärna dela med mig av sånt som kan hjälpa andra människor att hjälpa sig själva.

Mer information både om mig, och om Jin Shin Jyutsu, hittar man på min hemsida:

Var: Vasastan i Stockholm
När: Söndag 23/2 2020
Kostnad 600:-
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Another vaccinvideo with Del Bigtree

This is CRAZY, a big disaster!!!!
In this video, Del Bigtree shares the story of Nick Gauthier – a perfectly healthy 33 year old firefighter, who was forced to take vaccines, it was required for his work. His life was totally destroyed by this, he had a extremely severe allergic reaction, so now he is living his life in constant pain, 24/7.
And I am thinking about, what about all children that are getting those vaccines? When they are young, they can’t explain what is happening to them, how it feels, they can only scream – Nick is able to explain how it feels, which the children can’t.
Nick’s story begins at 1 our 6 minutes in this video – share his story! This must stop!

Gratis JSJ informationsträff 13/2 2020

Jag (Helene Iliste) kommer att ha en gratis informationsträff om Jin Shin Jyutsu torsdag 13/2 2020, 18.30-20.30
Plats: Upplandsgatan 22, Stockholm
Ytterligare frågor + anmälan görs till mailadress

Another vaccin video, with Dr Tent

Another very important lecture, with Dr Tent – it’s an over two hour long lecture, but it’s well worth watching it, and it is so packed with information so you need to see it at least twice, to really get a grasp of everything… Dr Tent describes the information like a can of worms – if you open a can of worms, it’s difficult to get the worms back again…
Here’s a website with some more information about Dr Tent:

The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic – Dr. Tent – It’s Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

I took some screenshots from the video, here’s one, quoting Dr Albert Sabin, one of the developer of the polio vaccine (together with Dr Jonas Salk) – the polio vaccine also contained cancer virus…

Skärmavbild 2017-08-31 kl. 15.56.37

And here are more screenshots from the lecture:



And here are the excerpts from the movie “The men who killed Kennedy – the love affair” – the movie Dr Tent talked about in the lecture:

And another piece in the puzzle, an interview with author and researcher Ed Haslam. Ed is the writer behind the incredible book titled Dr. Mary’s Monkey.

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