Healthy desserts, and more good food :-)


I spent the last month or so in the US, and the last days of my vacation was in New York City. I have spent a good amount of time in the past in both Scottsdale, San Francisco and NYC to search for good, healthy food, and I’m glad to say that it seems like it is getting better and better.

This time in NYC there was those Christmas booths in Bryant Park, and there were two there, that called my attention – one that had a big sign that said “Organic, vegan, glutenfree” – nothing wrong with that 🙂
They had a lot of good food, unfortunately we had already eaten a salad before finding that booth, so we were not hungry.. but my friend bought some tasty chickpea stuff to eat later, and a vegan hot chocolate (the milk was made of nuts), and almost no sugar..  and I bought a chai latte made with coconut milk.
The booth had a name – Two Tablespoons – and here are some links:

The booth next to it had those raw food pies, really nice, and I actually found a blog mentioning those pies 🙂
bout their booth in Bryant Park:

and a link to their website This Pie is Nuts
They say:
It’s not about the ingredients we leave out.
It’s about the ingredients we put in.

And another blog about the event in Bryant Park – I’m sad that I didn’t see this blog before going there, it seems like there was many things that I wanted to check out… maybe next time…
Some words from that blog:
Frank DiPrisco is Executive Director, and one of the owners, of the company that organizes the Winter Village at Bryant Park. He is a vegan. And he loves welcoming vegan businesses to Bryant Park!”

And another website from one of the booths:
They are vegan, and they have some glutenfree options as well.


5 day class in Frankenmuth, Michigan

When I was in Scottsdale recently (before Christmas) I had a chance to participate in Ian Harris’ JSJ studygroup one evening, and in that group there was a woman talking about Frankenmuth, Michigan – and as it happens, Ian is teaching a class there in the end of January.
Since I have spent some Christmas holidays in the US, I have had a chance to check out a lot of different Christmas decorations, which seems to be quite a big thing for a lot of people – and the thing about Frankenmuth is, if you like Christmas, that is The Place to be.. 🙂 you can celebrate Christmas all year round if you want to – this is a link I found about that city: 

And here’s the information about Ian’s class:

Course Title: 5 Day Basic Seminar Start Date: January/26/2015End Date: January/30/2015
Description: (Mon.-Fri.)
Organized by Amy Ferstl
Phone: (989) 871-2285, Email:
PO Box 287, Millington, MI 48746
Co-Organizer: Cindy Wilson
Phone: (248) 320-3320, Email:


Christmas/Holiday food

I am in San Francisco for the holiday, and are cooking a little bit, are trying to find a new way to make those Swedish Christmas specialities without using food containing gluten or dairy products, which means that it there are some experimentnivå involved, and the end result might not be what I aimed for, but very edible anyway, though it turned out very different 🙂
I was trying to make the Swedish speciality “lussekatter”, originally a kind of wheatbun, with saffron – to make it with glutenfree flour is not easy… It tasted a little bit similar, but it became more of a bread instead of the “buns” it is supposed to be..
And I found a new substitute for milk – in Sweden we only have those very small boxes of coconut milk, but I found larger coconut-milk containers both in Scottsdale and in San Francisco, which makes cooking a little bit easier, if you want to use coconut-milk in your cooking – I made another Swedish speciality (gotländsk saffranspannkaka), a kind of ricepudding with saffron, where I needed to use a lot of milk…

Happy holidays, and a good JSJ year to come

Just wishing all my readers a Happy Holiday, wherever you are! And wishing for a very good Jin Shin Jyutsu year to come, with a lot of classes, selfhelp, treatments, and harmony.

.And here are some holiday photos, two from Scottsdale, and two from San Francisco (where I’m spending my holiday)




Arriving to Scottsdale

I was at the Jin Shin Jyutsu institute in July last year, to get some treatments, and now it’s time again, I arrived to Scottsdale yesterday, starting the treatments tomorrow, am looking forward to that!
I am staying closeby at the hotel at North Pima Road, which is really nice. And they have of course a lot of Christmas decorations – this is what a Christmas tree can look like here in Arizona 🙂


Christmas presents?

I saw Jin Shin Jyutsu Singapore post about this, and I thought it was a good idea – why not give a gift that might make a difference in someone’s  life?

Looking for Christmas presents for your health-conscious book lover friends?

Jin Shin Jyutsu books are fantastic!

Mary Burmeister is the amazing lady who brought Jin Shin Jyutsu to the West when she returned home in the US after spending some time with Master Jiro Murai. We are still learning more about Jin Shin Jyutsu as her letters to Master Murai are now being translated.

Learn more about Jin Shin Jyutsu with The Touch of Healing, one of all 3 of the Self Help Books or What Mary Says.

If you have a loved one facing a health crisis, any of these books would make a perfect gift.

The Touch of Goodbye is a must read for anyone who has someone critically ill. This book is a compilation of stories that show how Jin Shin Jyutsu is super supportive of the healing journey, and how sometimes goodbye isn’t quite goodbye or how a goodbye can be (and meant to be) beautiful, loving, and healing. It is touching, inspiring, and educational about the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and about life itself.

And if you want to help your children, you can teach them about Jin Shin Jyutsu with the help of the book Fun with Happy Hands

You can buy the books here:

The touch of healing

A touching goodbye:

The 3 self-help books:

Fun with Happy Hands:

and there are other books as well:

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