Another vaccinvideo with Del Bigtree

This is CRAZY, a big disaster!!!!
In this video, Del Bigtree shares the story of Nick Gauthier – a perfectly healthy 33 year old firefighter, who was forced to take vaccines, it was required for his work. His life was totally destroyed by this, he had a extremely severe allergic reaction, so now he is living his life in constant pain, 24/7.
And I am thinking about, what about all children that are getting those vaccines? When they are young, they can’t explain what is happening to them, how it feels, they can only scream – Nick is able to explain how it feels, which the children can’t.
Nick’s story begins at 1 our 6 minutes in this video – share his story! This must stop!

Ty Bollinger’s The truth about vaccines

I have been watching Ty Bollingers videos “The truth about vaccines” – there are 7 videos, about 1 1/2 hour long, each of them – very interesting and scary, with a lot of very important information. If statins are the scandal of the century, then vaccines might well be the scandal of the millennium, when we are talking about drugs/medicine.

Here you can find some more information about “The truth about vaccines” 

and here’s an interview:

Vaccines have been a hot button issue over the last several decades. There is a mass of conflicting information out there about vaccines, but what’s true? What’s the right decision? We went to Ty Bollinger, founder and organizer of the docuseries The Truth About Vaccines to find our way through this complicated and controversial topic.

In this interview, Ty explains to us some of the history of vaccines, and the potential risks and benefits involved with vaccinations. This docuseries is premiering on April 12th, and it will be an incredibly informative and unbiased overview of all things vaccines.


First question, why are vaccines such a hot button issue?

Well, the reasons that vaccines are such a hot button issue is number one, we’re dealing with children. So, anytime you’re dealing with somebody’s kids, it’s going to be a topic that people want to make sure that they have accurate information on to protect their kids.

Because regardless of what your position is on vaccines, everybody loves their children. I think they’re a hot button because it deals with children’s lives, number one. They’re also a hot button issue because there’s so much conflicting information from both sides of the fence. We’re told that vaccines save lives, but we also know that vaccines cause serious and sometimes fatal side effects.

We know that because the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, the VAERS system that was set up in the mid-80s has paid out over 3.6 billion dollars to families of vaccine-injured children. So, we know that they cause side effects. We know that there are adverse events. And so, it’s just a risk/benefit analysis.

Does the risk of serious, fatal side effect outweigh the benefit that can be conferred if you prevent the child from catching one of these diseases or save their life? Another hot button topic in vaccines is – are the vaccine ingredients safe, right? Well, if you look at the ingredients, such as Thimerosal, formaldehyde, aluminum, and a lot of other ingredients, these are known neurotoxins.

They damage the brain. So, they’re admittedly in vaccines, but the official position is they don’t damage the brain. But the problem is that many vaccines contain Polysorbate 80, which is an emulsifier that actually is used by the pharmaceutical industry to take pharmaceutical drugs and cross the blood-brain barrier.

The very purpose of Polysorbate 80 is to get things into the brain. And it’s in vaccines, many vaccines. And so, we know that the vaccines that there’s Polysorbate 80, that those neurotoxins get in the brain and cause brain damage. That’s a real hot button topic, too, because despite the fact that the vaccines contain these known neurotoxins, the official position of the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] is that they’re safe and they don’t cause any brain damage.

We’re told that the adverse events are extremely rare, and that may be the case. I’m not really sure what “extremely rare” means. But if it’s your kid that has an adverse event or is diagnosed with autism or is permanently brain damaged, then that doesn’t matter if they’re extremely rare to you or not. It’s your kid.

I think another hot button topic in the vaccine area is the fact that many vaccines are now being mandated by governments, right? They are. You have to take vaccines if your kid goes to school, or certain hospital workers are being mandated to take vaccines. So, we have the government actually infringing on personal medical choices.

The Nuremburg Code says that medical—the Nuremburg tribunal was convened after World War II, and they basically were trying the Nazi war criminals that had performed—not only did they kill a bunch of Jews, millions of Jews, and millions of Soviets, Christians, and all other kinds of people, in World War II, but they actually did medical experimentation on their subjects.

And one of the reasons the Nuremburg Tribunal was convened is to set standards for medical experimentation in the future. The findings of the Nuremburg tribunal, the Nuremburg Code, is that medical procedures must be voluntary. They cannot be forced upon you. So, the very fact that we are now having governments across the United States, state governments and even the federal government at times, mandating certain vaccines, it actually violates the Nuremburg Code.

That’s a real big one. It’s freedom of choice. Should you have a government that actually tells you, “You have to have a vaccine or else we’re going to hold you down or whatever.” So, there are just a lot of reasons. I could go on and on, but those are some of the main reasons why vaccines are such a hot button topic.


And then what made you do such research into the topic?

Well, I started seeing and doing the research in the travels for “The Truth About Cancer.” I started seeing this connection between vaccines and cancer. Because we know for a fact that the Simian Virus 40 was a monkey virus that contaminated the polio vaccine back in the 50s. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of cases of leukemia and lymphomas that have resulted because of the fact that this monkey pox, this contaminated monkey virus got into the polio vaccine, and it’s causing cancer, even still today.

So, that’s what really led me into vaccines from there. And then also from a personal perspective. Our eldest daughter, way back 16 years ago when she was an infant, we were contemplating whether or not we should vaccinate her, and we were actually bullied into vaccinating by our pediatrician. He said “If you don’t vaccinate, you are no longer welcome to be a patient here. Your daughter’s not welcome.”

And we get that a lot nowadays. A lot of pediatricians say “Hey, you either vaccinate or you can’t be our patient.” So, that’s from a personal perspective, one of the reasons that we were interested in vaccines as well.


What is a docu-series and what’s the purpose?

A docu-series is a documentary miniseries. We trademarked the term. And the purpose of this docu-series is to educate on the facts about vaccines, the ingredients, the different types of vaccines, and whether they are in fact safe or effective.

And we’ll go back to the history of vaccines. We’ll cover specific vaccines in this docu-series. And just to educate people about what’s in the vaccines, what are they used for, how safe are they, how effective are they, and that way they can make a good choice if they decided they want to vaccinate or not.

The stance is neither pro- nor anti-vaccine. That is a false dichotomy that’s been created to put people in one of two camps. And the reality is, most people are not “pro” all vaccines or “anti” all vaccines; they are somewhere in the middle. They think maybe some vaccines are safe and some are effective and some aren’t, and some should be used and some aren’t.

But by creating this false dichotomy and these two groups that you have to force everybody in, you create this war between the groups as opposed to just getting people the facts and letting them decide for themselves. So, this stance is pro-truth, it’s pro-science, and it’s pro-child. That is our stance.

And just to relay the truth about vaccines and let people make up their own mind. Some people may want to vaccinate. That’s great. Some people may want to vaccinate according to the CDC full schedule. That’s great if they want to do that. That’s their choice. Some people may want to delay vaccinations. That’s their choice. Good for them. Some people may want to not vaccinate at all. Great. That’s their choice. Good for them. We should have the freedom of choice to do what we want and not have a heavy-handed government stuffing it down our throat and telling us “You have to do this or else.”


Can you tell us about some of the doctors, speakers, and experts?

Well, we have 60 experts, including people like Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mike Adams, Sayer Ji with GreenMedInfo. These are household names in the natural health realm. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who is one of the producers of Vaxxed.

Drs. Jack and Heather Wolfson, very well-known. Dr. Bryan Hooker was interviewed. Dr. Judy Mikovits, who’s a scientist from the National Cancer Institute. We interviewed a couple of attorneys: Bob Krakow and Michael Hugo, both of which are attorneys that actually litigate vaccine injuries in the vaccine court.

Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, the other producers of Vaxxed, have been interviewed. Dr. Sing Hang Lee, Chinese medical doctor that’s a specialist on the Gardasil vaccine. Let’s see, who else did we interview? Barbara Loe Fisher, who is the president of the National Vaccine Information Center.

Dr. Larry Palevsky, renowned board-certified pediatrician from New York State. Dr. Suzanne Humphries, who’s a medical doctor who’s also very well-known. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who everybody’s heard of Bobby Kennedy, who’s President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, and he’s very outspoken on the vaccine front. He’s actually appointed by President Trump recently to be one of the heads of the Vaccine Commission.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny we interviewed, Dr. Robert Scott Bell, Dr. Paul Thomas, who wrote a book called The Vaccine-Friendly Plan, who is not against vaccines. He’s actually for vaccines, but on a delayed schedule. And his co-author, Jennifer Margulis, we interviewed both of those people up in Portland. Nico LaHood, who’s a District Attorney for Bear County, Texas, we interviewed him.

Minister Tony Muhammed, who’s an international lecturer and vaccine activist. He’s a representative of the Nation of Islam. Another is David Avocado Wolfe and Dr. Toni Bark, medical doctor. Neil Miller, who wrote a book, 400 Critical Vaccine Studies. I mean the list is on and on.


What kinds of things can I expect to learn?

Well, you’re going to learn the truth. We’re just going to present the facts. I take a completely non-biased position. We present the facts; we let you decide. Sounds like a news network, “We report, you decide,” right? Fair and balanced. So, that’s our position on this.

We’re just going to tell the truth about vaccines, let people decide.


How do you participate in the docu-series?

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