Jin Shin Jyutsu self help class with Trisha Mulholland, in Cairo, Egypt, 14-15 Nov 2017

Dreamweavers Energywork – Trisha Mulholland

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Class
Books 1 and 2
with Trisha Mulholland

When : 14th-15th November 2017
Where: The Swiss Centre, Cairo, Egypt




Jin Shin Jyutsu Global Outreach: Beshlaw, Egypt (2013)

I was getting a package from the Jin Shin Jyutsu office in Scottsdale a few days ago, I had ordered some self-help books, and included in the package there were some broschures, with some words about the Jin Shin Jyutsu Global outreach projects, here are the words about the project in Beshlaw, Egypt:

“In 2013, Mary Burmeister – JSJ Outreach partnered with Tatiana Contreiras and Mohammad Ali to bring Jin Shin Jyutsu to Beshlaw, Egypt, a small vilage near Luxor. David Burmeister and thirteen volunteers travelled from all over the world to offer sessions and self-help classes to the people of Beshlaw who lacked access to medical care.

Over the course of eight days the group gave hundreds of sessions to people from the village. MB-JSJ Outreach provided chairs, massage tables, sheets, and other items needed for sessions and the volunteers paid their own airfare and travel expenses.

Erica Ramos taught a three day self-help class to residents, who committed to share what they learned with others in their village. The class used self-help books translated to Arabic and donated by Samar, a volunteer. Another volunteer, Pietra, taught the Main Central, the fingers, and the Mudras to the younger children. The children became noticeably calmer and better behaved.

Long term, the goal is for Beshlaw to have its own practicioners. Volunteers hope to make annual visists to offer sessions and self-help training. The first 5-Day Basic Seminar is in preliminary planning stages. Beshlaw is a model of how to bring Jin Shin Jyutsu to other needy places in the world.”

And here you can find some photos from that project:

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