Hospital introduces organic food and uses it to treat patients

I’m happy to see that there are some changes in the right direction 🙂

Alternative World News NetworkJan 22, 2016, 9:59:24 AM

What is being called the farmacy, a hospital in Houston, Texas is importing organic food from a local co-op.  People will use prescriptions for discounts at an in-hospital market.

Doctor Garth Davis and Kristina Carillo-Bucaram are combining their entreprenurial forces to bring food as the medicine

Kristina’s company, Rawfully Organic, is a Houston based food co-op.  The company imports fruits and vegetables from farmers and supplies them to the hospital.  The doctor will write a prescription for the patient and also can prescribe fruits and vegetables.  The patient will take the prescription to the farmacy and can use it as cash.

By using food as a type of medicine, we can become very powerful creatures.

Publicerades den 17 sep. 2014

Dr. Garth Davis and FullyRaw Kristina are teaming up to “prescribe” organic fruits and vegetables from Rawfully Organic to Texas hospital patients and have them covered by health insurance policies! We are revolutionizing the way nutrition is used, creating REAL health care!

The FARMACY Project begins on September 24th at NOTE: You must receive a prescription from Memorial Hermann Hospital Doctors to receive insurance coverage for your box of fruits and vegetables.

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