Some videos with Matthias Roth, in German

This is some Jin Shin Jyutsu videos in German, with Matthias Roth – if you have a chance I recommend you take classes with him, he has great knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu. He also speaks several languages, and can give a class in Dutch, Spanish, French, English, and Italian, as I understand it, and of course German.

Jin Shin Jyutsu video + newsletter: Matthias Roth, about the breath

I have met Matthias Roth several times, but haven’t been able to participate in a class with him yet, if you have a chance I highly recommend it, he has a great knowledge about Jin Shin Jyutsu, I am really impressed with the things I heard him speak about at the occasions when I met him.
Here’s his contact information:
Matthias Roth, Mistralstrasse 7, 22767 Hamburg, –

He has started a blog and it’s also possible to sign up for a newsletter from him, which I have done, here’s a video from him:
Everything is in the breath

And here is the newsletter:

Everything is in the Breath

One thing about Breath that seems to have intrigued Humans for as long as they have been breathing is that Breath is at once quite concrete and intangible. It happens to the body, it is essential to its life and survival. It varies with our every impulse and activity. It responds to the tiniest change in the moment. What we are really saying is that the movement that revolves around the Breath – breathing – can be felt and observed. Breath itself, however, is elusive; it is not a thing. The description of the air we breathe that most of us will have learned in school – a gaseous mix of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxigen and a tiny proportion of steam, noble gases and CO2 – would have been of little interest to the Ancients. Not breathing, not the air we breathe, but Breath itself: what is it!

In all cultures we know of, Breath seems to have been synonymous with the invisible Life Force that animates the Human Being. Only after a mechanical view equating the Human Being with the body had taken over did it no longer seem possible to refer to Breath as something that is ”inspired into us“. The body is, therefore it breathes. When it no longer does, it is dead. Period, right?

In order to make Mary Burmeister’s sentence ”Everything is in the Breath“ come alive for us, we are interested in the Breath as movement. Jin Shin Jyutsu talks of Breath as two things, the big ”Breath of Life“ and the little ”breath of life“. So we’ll be interested in two kinds of movement as well: physical movement generated in the body in many ways by breath and by breathing, and movement of energy. Both descend and ascend.

The downward movement gives things their weight. It helps us land and settle down. The more we do, the more we inhabit the space inside our body. The exhalation accompanies the downward motion and makes it progressively more tangible and sensible. Once the body is deeply familiar with this sensation, we start recognizing the quality of natural ”weightedness” in other areas of life as well: in words that carry weight, in actions that simply carry their natural weight.


The upward movement gives things their lightness. The upward movement can be increasingly effortless and complete if we have settled into natural weight in the Breath’s first movement. Exhaling frees things only from their heaviness, while it leaves them their weight. Ascending energy, borne and guided by the inhalation, permeates everything solid and dense with a new, delicate aliveness, thus carrying transformation and renewal into all that has taken form.

When we grasp how the Breath represents the two fundamental principles of Forming and Transforming, Mary’s sentence makes sense. Once we take it a step further and have our sensory awareness focussed on the Breath anchor these principles as our own bodily experience, as we land more and more fully in the body itself and become more and more permeable there, the sentence becomes a reality for us! It begins to show transformational results in our own lives.


In the video mit dem Titel ”Everything is in the Breath“ I guide a simple exercise to help you feel just that. you’ll find it under this link . Please do share it with any who might be interested.

© 2016: Matthias Roth, Mistralstrasse 7, 22767 Hamburg, matthiasjsj@mac.com

The author expressly authorizes copying and free distribution of this text, on condition that it be unabridged and unchanged and that it include this mention, as well as the full copyright.


Jin Shin Jyutsu blogpost from jsjnashville (Sarah W Anderson)

Here’s a blogpost from, and some information about Sarah W Anderson – I met her quite recently at a Now Know Myself class in Kentucky:

Why I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu

Sometimes it’s helpful to zoom out and examine why I do something every day.  Why did I start taking Jin Shin Jyutsu classes almost 20 years ago? Why do I continue to practice self-help every day like clockwork? Why do I love giving and receiving sessions so much and taking classes and learning more about this Art?

I think it’s related to my overall path as a spiritual seeker. When I first heard about Jin Shin Jyutsu from my aunt, a Reiki practitioner and seeker, and later took my first JSJ class, it opened up a worldview to me that was previously unknown. It explained how my body, its every detail and nuance, is directly connected to the greater Cosmos and ultimately, to the Divine Source. This relationship became so profound to me and so powerful that it compelled me to learn more and more and to transcend my limited understanding of who I am.

Now that JSJ is so integrated into my daily life and understanding of myself and others, I literally do not know what I would do without it.

Lately, I’ve been waking up between 2 and 4am and practicing JSJ for about an hour in order to get my body-mind back in harmony. I guess I’m moving through some “stuff” right now, but without self-help, I’m not sure how I would relax enough to get through this time.  I could take pills and supplements (and I’m going to try a new supplement tonight, actually!), but to me, the transformative power of energy work exists at a higher frequency than most supplements, so the energy I’m able to move is more significant and powerful than simply relaxing myself and going back to sleep.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I just need to take something to get better sleep and relax….But that approach simply does not resonate with me as much as understanding the underlying Root of the issue (for me, it’s usually related to the 6th Depth being out of balance).

I hope to get over this insomnia issue soon, but if I don’t, I truly have faith that I’m moving through it for a reason.  And that the tool of Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help is a gift I’ve received in order to walk through it with more grace and power than I otherwise would have.  I feel grateful not to feel helpless in the face of stress and anxiety, and I love sharing this gift with anyone who is open to it!

And the information about Sarah:

My journey with Jin Shin Jyutsu began in 1997, when I took a 5-day basic seminar with Lynne Pflueger. Lynne told the class that she is from a “medical family” and was initially skeptical of anything alternative or non-mainstream. It wasn’t until she received JSJ sessions from Mary Burmeister (who brought JSJ to the U.S.) for a knee injury that she began to understand its benefits and devoted her life to the study and practice of the art.

After Lynne’s class, I was hooked. This art, which has many names, including “Physio-philosophy,” seemed to bring two worlds together: the physical world of healing and restoring wellness, and the spiritual world of seeking unity with all things. Mary taught that “The truth is that within each one of us lies the power to cast all misery aside and to KNOW complete Peace and Oneness-to BE that beautiful creation of perfect harmony-to truly KNOW (Help) MYSELF” (Text I, page 1). As a dancer and kinesthetically-oriented person, I found it miraculous that through very light, simple touch on various areas of the body, mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony could be restored.

Since Lynn’s class, I have studied with Matthias Roth, Anita Willoughby, Philomena Dooley, Jed Schwartz, Sara Harper, and Cynthia Broshi. I became a class organizer in 2013. The beauty of Jin Shin Jyutsu is that it is completely “individualized” for each person, since it is innate to all of us. Thus, each instructor or practitioner captures and communicates unique aspects of the Art and shares these insights with students. There is no end to learning and exploration of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is, for me, a gift that I offer to myself every day. Its benefits are most noticeable when I’m experiencing some kind of “disharmony,” such as anxiety, muscle tension, getting a cold, feeling depressed or angry, or simply needing to find center.

When I experience these states of mind, body, and spirit, I trust, through years of practice and faith, that if I listen to my body, it will tell me exactly what I need to do to restore balance and flow. I describe some of my daily experiences with JSJ in a self-help blog, which articulates how I integrate the practice into daily life. I also published an essay about my journey with JSJ in the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute newsletter.


I offer Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions in Nashville and surrounding areas. Sessions can offer support to the receiver in his or her unfolding process. That process may focus on a physical, emotional, or spiritual project during the session. Each person’s being is aware of what is needed.

Sarah W. Anderson, LMSW

Jin Shin Jyutsu 5 day class with Matthias Roth, Netherlands, June 2016

I got an invitation from Marna Schauten-Kruijt for a 5 day class with Matthias Roth in Duinzigt Oegstgeest in the Netherlands, unfortunately it is already happening tomorrow, so I can’t go… and I am going to Sadaki Kato’s class in Ireland anyway, that class is starting the 26th, and I am flying to Ireland on Friday 🙂
but here’s the information for his class anyway:

Van 22 t/m 26 juni 2016 zal Matthias Roth de 5 daagse basiscursus Jin Shin Jyutsu geven in het Nederlands. Je bent van harte uitgenodigd om hieraan deel te nemen. Voor meer informatie of aanmelden kun je een mail sturen naar

And here’s his website, where you can find more information:


Matthias Roth – a new blog

Matthias Roth has just started a new blog, make sure that you follow his blog, he is a very accomplished Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor – I haven’t been in any of his classes yet, but I have met him on several occasions, and am very impressed with his knowledge!

News about the Jin Shin Jyutsu teacher Matthias Roth

Here are the words from Matthias Roth, about leaving JSJ Inc:

Life is change, and it comes with wondrous movement. This is to let you know that, because of financial differences, David and Michael Burmeister have decided I will no longer be working for JSJ, Inc.
I regret it had to come to this. At the same time, this is the seed of a new beginning, full of promise, as all beginnings are!

From this day forward, I am available as an ”Independent“ to teach, practice and coach the full scope of what I know and do. My bright, spacious studio in Hamburg provides the perfect context for custom-tailored activities in the various languages I speak. Also, since organizers are independent contractors and bound to no exclusiveness, we will likely meet again in many familiar places. And finally, new, exciting cooperations will surely manifest. Wherever and with whomever that may be, I am already looking forward to that!

So with a light and joyous heart I walk into this new chapter, where things can fall into place and more can come into existence yet.
Please feel free to share this communication with anyone you think would want to know and whose contact information I may not currently have.
And to stay current on all of my upcoming activities, make sure to sign up for the newsletter on my website, checking all languages you wish to receive information in.

From my heart, Matthias

Here’s his website:

and here you can find him on Facebook:


Video with Matthias Roth about “To feel” – a theme for a Jin Shin Jyutsu class

I have met Matthias Roth several times, but haven’t been able to participate in one of his classes yet, I’m looking forward to that, when I can go  – he has great knowledge about Jin Shin Jyutsu, and a sharp mind, so I can really recommend you to participate in a class with him – you won’t regret it 🙂
Here’s a short video about one of his themes for a special topic 2 day class:

And here are the words from youtube about the video:

Publicerades den 22 sep. 2015

With the “To Feel”-class – which was to be the first in a series of such workshops – Matthias Roth began years ago to turn the central focus of his work in the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to mindfulness in touch and the presence of the practitioner in his/her work.
The video offers a peek at what this class offers and contains, and why some consider it indispensable for anyone wanting to delve deeply into practicing the Art on others…

and here is a list of his classes:

And here is his website, you can find other classes with him listed there as well:

Jin Shin Jyutsu video with Matthias Roth (about a 5 day class, part 1+2)

I haven’t had the opportunity to participate in a class with Matthias Roth yet, but I have met him several times, and am very impressed with him, what he knows about Jin Shin Jyutsu, his approach to it and so on – I hope to be able to find a class with him that I can fit in to my schedule, and I can really recommend a class with him, I’m sure it will be a very enlightened experience.

You can find information about his classes here:
and here’s his website:

And in German:

Publicerades den 23 sep. 2015

Matthias Roth fasst hier in gerade mal vier Minuten den Inhalt des ersten Teils des Jin Shin Jyutsu Fünf-Tage-Kurses zusammen – Textbuch 1 von Mary Burmeister.
Es geht um die “Dreieinigkeitsenergie” – die drei universellen Hauptenergieströme – die “Tiefen”, also bestimmte Energiequalitäten, und “Sicherheits-Energieschlösser, die er als Wesen bzw. in ihrer Essenz beschreibt.
Das Video vermittelt einen Eindruck von seinem sehr individuellen Blick auf und in diesen Stoff und lässt ahnen, mit welcher Lebendigkeit und Vollständigkeit er ihn im Kurs vermittelt…

Publicerades den 23 sep. 2015

Matthias Roth fasst hier in seiner ganz eigenen Art den Inhalt des zweiten Teils des Jin Shin Jyutsu Fünf-Tage-Kurses zusammen – der körperbauenden Energie, wie Mary Burmeister sagt.
Er beschreibt, was seine besondere Faszination mit und seine Sicht auf dieses Material ist und vermittelt einen Eindruck davon, wie er den Stoff aufbereitet und vermittelt.

Jin Shin Jyutsu organizers meeting in Seebruck, Germany (June 2015)

I have been out traveling for some weeks now, just got back to Sweden – my first stop on my journey was at the JSJ organizers meeting in Germany, where Claire Boelhouwers and myself were having a good time, meeting many of the other organizers from Europe, and a lot of the teachers. And of course David Burmeister was also there.
I want to thank Mona Harris for a very nice event, it’s not easy to pull of all the logistics for that amount of people, she managed to find a very nice venue, and make sure in good time that we had our hotel rooms booked, and had a pick-up service at the train, among other things 🙂
And next year the meeting will take place in England, I am looking forward to that too!

One of the things that is good about these meetings is that many of the teachers are there, so we can plan ahead for classes, meeting teachers we haven’t met before, to check out if it’s possible to invite them to our little country up here in the north of Scandinavia, to talk about scheduling and other things. I want to give you some links to the teachers classes, so you can check out their schedules for yourself:

Mona Harris (Germany) has been to Sweden several times, for a 5 day class, a selthelp class and a study group, and I have also been to a 5 day class with her in Denmark:

Ian Harris (Scottsdale, Arizona) has been to Sweden once for a 5 day class – and when I was in Scottsdale last December I got several JSJ sessions with Ian:

Mattthias Roth (Germany) haven’t been with us yet, but we really want him to come, when we can make it possible:
and here’s his websiteadress:

Carlyse Smyth (England) will be the next teacher to come to Sweden, we are in the process of scheduling a self-help class and a 5 day class, coming up during this year, and next spring:

Anita Willoughby – we want her to come too, she might be the next teacher to come to Sweden after Carlyse, we are in the process of scheduling her too… and I’ve been to a pulse listening/body reading class with her in Germany, and I also have been getting a session with her in New York City
and you can find her in New York City:

Nathalie Max (France) was with us, teaching a 5 day class last May:

Jennifer Holmes (New Zealand) – it might be a little bit too far for her to come to Sweden, but she has a daughter in Europe, so it might happen anyway 🙂 and since I like to travel, I might go to New Zealand for a class with her, it’s fun to go visit where you know people..

Chus Arias (Spain) – i tried to go to a class recently in Singapore with her, but it wasn’t possible at that time.. but since she is in Spain it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a class with her a little bit closer to where I am:

Petra Elmendorff (Germany) – I was at 5 day class with her in Denmark a couple of years ago:

Birgitte Meinhardt (Germany) – haven’t been to a class with her yet, since the language of most of her classes will be in German (with one class translated into French) – but if you know German it can be nice to go to her classes: 

Waltraud Riegger-Krause (Germany) – I have been to a 5 day class with her in England, and also a self-help class in Denmark:
Waltraud also wrote the book/flash cards “Health is in Your Hands, you can find more information about that here:

And here are some photos from the venue in Germany:


Jin Shin Jyutsu classes with Matthias Roth

I have met Matthias Roth a couple of times when I have participated in different classes, but he was not the teacher, but the translator, and also sometimes being around as a guest – I have tried several times to fit in his classes into my schedule, haven’t been successful yet, but I’m working on that 🙂 it would be very interesting to participate in one of his classes, since I am very impressed already in what his knowledge is, and his approach, and what he can teach, so if you have a chance to participate in one of his classes, then I think the money and the time is well worth spending…
His special topics at the JSJ website are not many at the moment, but I know that he can do more than what’s up there now, but the two topics that are there are interesting anyway…

“The Last Pages of Text 1 and 2”

“What the Pulses Tell Us”

He is teaching a lot of 5 day classes, and you can find the information about his classes here:

He has also a JSJ website, and there you can find more special topics – and since he speaks so many languages there are also classes in a lot of different languages:
‘m using translate google to find out what his classes is about 🙂 and really wish that I could speak any of those languages he uses, to be able to go to a class… if you speak German, French or Spanish there are classes for you there at his website! And I hope there will be English classes soon too that I will be able to attend!


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