Videos with Dr Doris Rapp, about allergies in children and adults

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Dr. Rapp is dedicated to sharing important information about harmful environmental factors that can affect how children and adults feel, think and act in our high-tech, high-stress, high-profit world. The “progress at any cost” mentality is rapidly overwhelming our bodies as we attempt to cope with our increasingly polluted environment.

Dr. Rapp is committed to educate both the public and health professionals about the ominous physical and behavioral changes frequently evident in children and adults. The more we know, the more we can protect ourselves and our loved ones by taking some often easy and inexpensive precautions. We simply have to be more informed so we can make better choices.

In her breakthrough book, “Is This Your Child’s World?” – Dr. Rapp identifies the major symptoms of potentially unrecognized allergies in children and adults, suggesting possible sensitivities to dust, mold, pollen, foods or chemicals. Allergies are much more than high fever, asthma and itchy skin. It is possible to identify allergies by simply looking at someone. At times it is surprisingly easy to find and eliminate the cause.

The typical clues of allergies and environmental illness can include any combination of the following: Rubbing Nose Upwards, Eye Wrinkles, Dark Eye Circles, Sudden Aggression, Scarlet Earlobes, A Spacey Look, Extreme Activity Changes, Wiggly Legs, Red Cheeks, A Mottled Tongue

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Families sharing successes with their children, but only after “horror stories”. It’s a must see for parents of difficult children, or persons themselves, with allergies…in some cases NOT knowing they have them. This program’s design is to show the facts, giving hope, as there is lots of help available! ☺ Go to OR Google & type in Dr. Doris Rapp MD. Then go to her website & there’s the help.

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Many children with bi-polar and ADHD symptoms can be helped without the use of dangerous off-label drugs. There are fast, easy and inexpensive answers available. Dr. Doris Rapp has dedicated her life to identifying and providing simple solutions to these and other behavior problems. Visit for more helpful tips, books and videos.

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Could allergies from food and the environment be the cause of so many sick people and children. Dr. Doris Rapp, M.D.H has treated thousands of children with behavior problems, learning disabilities, depression and suicidal thoughts by finding out what is causing the problem and getting rid of it or desensitizing an allergy.

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Boy- “If I can ever find a knife, I’ll kill myself.”

My name is Dr. Doris Rapp. I’m a pediatric allergist and environmental medical specialist. And I’d like to show you why some people become very angry. It can affect children and adults, and much to my amazement, this is frequently precipitated by molds.

Exposure to a moldy house, a moldy room, on damp rainy days. And this particular 8 year old boy had difficulty on moldy, damp, wet days. His whole personality would change, and his teachers complained at school.

Now let me show you how we did what’s called Provocation/Neutralization allergy testing. You can check my website ( for more information about it. But basically we put one drop of mold in his arm. Now this is how he looked before we put the drops in. Notice that he is happy and wonderful.

Then we put one drop of allergy extract in his arm, and look at what happens. He gets angry. He gives you the body language that tells you ‘leave me alone!’

Dr. Rapp in the video-“And as is typical of many children they will bite whatever is nearby, and if nothing is nearby they will bite themselves. You can see the teeth marks there and there.”

And then we gave him one drop of the right dilution of a mold solution, a mold allergy extract, and look at what happens. All of a sudden, he’s happy again! Do you have a child that acts this way. You don’t have a bad child. You have a child that is sensitive to molds in the air. But it could be that your child reacts this way to dust or pollen or a particular food or a particular chemical. So if you want to know more about this kind of reaction and how you can figure out what is causing it, and what you can do about it, please go to my books. Is This Your Child’s World? discusses this particular answer.

Thank you for watching. My name is Dr. Doris Rapp. Bye for now.

Visit, and visit the online store for the book, “Is This Your Child’s World?” and more.

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