Jin Shin Jyutsu study group with Mona Harris, 28-29 October 2017 in Uppsala, Sweden

It was a great 5 day class with Anita Willoughby last week, now we are looking forward to meet Mona Harris in October – here’s Claire’s email about Mona’s study group class:
Hello all !
I am filled with gratitude for the class we shared together. I still feel the enthusiasm for Jin Shin Jyutsu.
In the next mail I will send you an invitation to our next study group being held in Uppsala by another faculty teacher, Mona Harris. Many of you know her. Those who don’t can read her website. http://www.monaharris.de
Everyone is welcome saturday and sunday 28th and 29th October 2017.
On the friday 27th October Mona will be offering Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions. Book soon. Two places have already been taken. 4 left.
As you practice and study futher, write down questions you have, or areas of interest you would like to grow in awareness of. This you can send to Mona so she can begin to build a study group including topics we are more interested in now.
Take care of yourselves with your wonderful, powerful, hands joined to THE LIGHT,

Mentoring with Michael Wenninger, Scottsdale, Arizona, 7 – 11 Aug 2017

I got an email from Kelly Mount:
Dear Friends,

As many of you are aware, Michael Wenninger will be semi-retired at the end of this year. He will continue to teach but the opportunities to study with him will be more limited in 2018 and beyond. Michael was scheduled to present a mentoring program at the Scottsdale office on Wednesday, August 7 – Friday, August 11. I have been planning to attend and would love the opportunity to study with Michael again. They only allow 9 students for each mentoring program but would accept a minimum number of 6 students. So far we have 4 students with solid commitments to attend but registration for this program will close tomorrow on Friday, June 9. If you are interested in attending Terry needs to hear from you by tomorrow and a $400 deposit will need to be paid. I am emailing some of my friends in the JSJ community to see if anyone else is interested in joining me for a special opportunity to study with Michael?!

In Harmony,
Kelly Mount

5 day JSJ class with Anita Willoughby, Uppsala, Sweden (June 2017)

Anita Willoughby is in Uppsala (Sweden) right now, for a 5 day class – here are some photos from the first day of class, Anita is showing us how the energy is flowing in the body, with the help of her fancy gloves and socks, impersonating Wonder Woman 🙂


June 2017