Kristin Ellingsen – nycertifierad JSJ behandlare, Spånga/Stockholm

Kristin Ellingsen är en nycertifierad Jin Shin Jyutsu behandlare i Stockholmsområdet (Spånga) – här är info om henne:

Jag heter Kristin Ellingsen och jag är certifierad Jin Shin Jyutsu behandlare. Jag har alltid försökt hjälpa människor när jag har sett att de behöver det. Det knådas i nacken, då är jag där på en gång och masserar.

I 2014 gick jag Friskvårdsmassagekurs på Axelssons. Jag tyckte om att massera, men ville hjälpa mer. 
I mars 2015 hittade jag Jin Shin Jyutsu, blev alldeles lyrisk och gjorde min första kurs april 2015 i Uppsala. Instruktör Natalie Max.
I februari 2016 gjorde jag min andra kurs i Strasbourg i Frankrike med instruktör Jed Schwartz.
Efter min tredje kurs i Amsterdam i Nederländerna i augusti 2016 (instruktör Susan Schwartz) blev jag certifierad. 

Jag är tacksam över att Anita Westö (som har 12 års erfarenhet med Jin Shin Jyutsu) tog mig under sina vingar. Vi har bytt behandling sedan april 2016. Sedan augusti 2016 har även Helene Iliste (som har 25 års erfarenhet) förbarmat sig över mig. Det är guld att ha såna erfarna och mänskliga mentorer.

Mitt företag, mysliv Sverige, har nu knutit an till
Du är mycket välkommen att boka tid via

eller du kan nå mig via Tryck ”Boka tid” knappen, den är länkat till

Jag ser fram emot att hjälpa just dig att leva ditt mysliv med balanserade energier!

Varma hälsningar
Kristin Ellingsen
Mysliv Sverige


Jin Shin Jyutsu class with Sadaki Kato, Boulder, Colorado, 26-30 July 2017

Now is the information out there about Sadaki Kato’s class in Boulder, Colorado, in July 2017:
Course Title: Jin Shin Jyutsu 5-Day Kato Text Training (In Japanese with English translation) Start Date: July 26, 2017 (Wednesday)
End Date: July 30, 2017 (Sunday)
Location: Boulder, CO
Description: Organized by Marcelo Bernardes
Phone: (303) 828-0153
Co-Organizer: Elia Brandao
Don’t miss the class – I’ve been taking two classes with him already and intend to come to this class too, I can really recommend his classes!

Jin Shin Jyutsu self help class in London with Cheli Mula, 10 Sept, 2016

A message from Cheli Mula:
Dear ALL
the next Jin Shin Jyutsu Selfhelp class in central London is hopefully going to happen soon – planned the next one on
the 10 th SEptember 2016 10- 5pm
costs £65 includes the Selfhelp Studybook from MaryBurmeister
location Health in the City, room 57
65 London Wall, EC2M 5TU
its going to be the class of SElfhelpbook 3
ALL about Fingers and Toes, How Diagonal energy flow moves around the body, and the relation of fingers and toes.and much more
anyway its great , and relaxing and harmonizing to practice Jin Shin Jyutsu Selfhelp – i can promise.
would be great if you can come
please email or call Cheli for more info or bookings
Cheli Mula is going to teach this SElfhelpclass, she is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner since 2006 and teaching SElfhelp since 2010 in Germany and now in UK.Inspired and taught by Carlos Gutterres,Cynthia Broshi, Waldtraud Riegger Krause, Wayne Hackett, Carlyse Smyth,Mathias Roth , Jill Holden or 07789567612
many thanks
big hug

Jin Shin Jyutsu special topic class with Chus Arias, 18-20 Nov, Carrickmacross, Ireland

I got an email from Norrie Dooley about a 3 day special topic class in Carrickmacross, Ireland, with Chus Arias – I wish I could go, but probably not… I have been to Carrickmacross twice for classes already (last time was with Sadaki Kato, last June) and can really recommend it, it is a charming little village, and Norrie is a really good organizer. Here’s her email:

Dear Jin Shin Jyutsu student,

We would like to invite you to our next Jin Shin Jyutsu class – its a Special Topic class entitled ‘Safety Energy Lock 3. UNDERSTANDING. “The door” Sanctifying Intelligence. To see and BE’.
“The Door” to Understanding Psychoneuroimmunology and Autoimmune projects – A Jin Shin Jyutsu perspective.

The class runs over 3 days from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th November 2016 and will be presented by Chus Arias.

The venue will be in the Carrickmacross, County Monaghan area in Ireland.

It is approximately 1 hour drive north of Dublin airport and can be reached easily by public transport. Detailed travel information is available on request.

Carrickmacross is a picturesque town which is nestled in the drumlin hills of County Monaghan, made famous by the poet, Patrick Kavanagh.

There are a number of hotels and B&Bs in the area (please see attached list). Accommodation charges vary from Approx Eur 35 to Eur 40 for B&B to Eur 75 to Eur 90 for 4 Star Hotel for a single room per night including breakfast. Please book accommodation directly and we advise to book early.
Please find brochure and enrolment form attached which you can fill in and return to me.

The enrolment form is a ‘text document’ that can be edited with Notepad for Windows and with TextEdit (or Textmate) for Mac.
Please detach the file from your e-mail, edit it and return to me at or print it out, fill it in, scan it and then e-mail it or send it by post (snail mail).

Early booking would be greatly appreciated !

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to meeting you in November.
Norrie and Tom.

Norrie Dooley, Organiser, +353 87 6717742

Tom Larney, Co-Organiser, +353 87 6174735


1. * Brochure

2. * Enrolment form

3. * Accommodation List

4. * Accommodation Map

Jin Shin Jyutsu � STC Class Ireland 18th to 20th Nov 2016 – Enrolment Form




Home Phone: Mobile phone:
———————— ——————————
e-mail address:

(Mark ‘x’ in box(es) as appropriate)

Fee: Euro 375 Fri 18, Sat 19, Sun 20 Nov 2016

Students must have completed at least one 5 day Jin Shin Jyutsu Basic Seminar.

I have attended the following number of �5 day� classes:
One [ ] Two [ ] Three or more – please note number attended [ ]

I can bring a massage table [ ] I can bring linen [ ]

Payment methods:

Euro cash, cheque, Bank Draft or Electronic Bank Transfer:
Please send a booking deposit of �100 made payable to Norrie Dooley,
fully-refundable until 1st Nov 2016.

If possible full payment would be greatly appreciated two weeks
prior to seminar i.e. by the 3rd Nov 2016.

Organiser: Norrie Dooley, Co-Organiser: Tom Larney
Postal address: Coolderry,Inniskeen,Dundalk, Mobile: +353 87 6174735
Co. Louth, Ireland.
Mobile: +353 87 6717742

Jin Shin Jyutsu video with Jennifer Bradley – Post-Surgery Harmonizing

Here’s another of Jennifer Bradley’s Jin Shin Jyutsu videos, about post surgery harmonizing. She has made a lot of good videos, make sure to check out her other videos too!
Here you can find more information about her work at the UK Markey Cancer Center in Kentucky:
Publicerades den 14 okt. 2015

Surgical anesthesia are helpful medical components but can cause uncomfortable side effects such as headache, nausea, constipation and grogginess. These simple Jin Shin Jyutsu® holds when applied by a caregiver or loved one after surgery can assist with these unwanted effects. They also put the body into a state of relaxation which is optimal for healing. Learn more about the use of Jin Shin Jyutsu at the Markey Cancer Center here:


0:09 We can help the body relax after surgery and assist with the side effects of headache, nausea and constipation with some simple Jin Shin Jyutsu holds given by the caregiver immediately after surgery in recovery or as soon as you are able.

0:28 Once the patient is in recovery, the caregiver may apply a simple hold we call “palming the calves.” Stand at the end of the bed or sit at the side of the bed of the individual, whatever is most comfortable for you. Place your hands with your palms facing up so that the palms hold the calves of the recipient with your fingers close to, but not necessarily in, the center back of the knee. It’s fine if your hands are not directly in line with the calves as they may be angled if you’re working from a seated position from the side. Hold for 20 minutes or as long as you are able.

1:07 Next, cross your arms and again place your hands so they are holding the calves. This time you’re working from the inside of the legs. Hold again for up to 20 minutes.

1:19 Palming the calves can be done whenever possible to energize the body and assist with healing from surgery. Palming the calves is also beneficial when applied after receiving chemotherapy. Opposite fingers and toes taught in another video is also dynamic for relaxing the body and assisting with healing after surgery. Please watch our other video for details about applying these simple holds.

Jin Shin Jyutsu self help class in London, book 2, 13 Aug 2016

I got an email from Cheli in London:
dear all
just a gentle reminder about the SElfhelp workshop Book 2 this sat 13th Aug. , 10 am – 5pm in central London with Cheli, in her room
Health in the City, EC2M 5TU, near Liverpoolstreet, costs £65 includes the book from Mary Burmeister. we will have an hour lunch inbetween
please contact for bookings 07789567612 or email
there are still places available
Health in the City
65 London Wall,
room 57
London, EC2M 5TU
for information please call 079 4608 4848 / 07789567612.

Jin Shin Jyutsu: Astrid Kauffmann – Self help exercises for repetitive strain injuries

Astrid Kauffmann has a really good Jin Shin Jyutsu website – I advice you to check out her website thoroughly. Here’s an example about what it could look like:

I have recently received emails with questions about how to alleviate the discomfort of Repetitive Strain Injury.

Many occupations are a health hazard to our hands. Massage therapists, secretaries, carers, chefs, hairdressers, piano players, IT professionals…you name it, are required to perform repetitive activities, putting strain on our hands and wrists. Over time, these repetitive actions can result in shooting pains, numbness, and a ‘pins and needles’ sensation in the hand, which often can become unbearable at night.

It is very important to give the hands a break if possible, and to keep the energy moving through the arm, wrist and fingers.

When my hands act up, I also make a blend of Aloe Vera gel and Lavender essential oil (Lavandula Angustifolia), or if you can purchase essential oils from a reputable source, then Roman Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis) is a good helper as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. These two oils are very safe, so unless you have a skin condition, mix a tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel with 10 drops of the essential oil and massage into the hands, wrists and arms (elbows). (If you do have any skin issues, then do a skin test first! I know someone who is not able to put Aloe Vera on her skin, but can use Almond Oil as a base).

Here are a couple of self help exercises that I have found very useful over the years to ease strain, pain and RSI in the hands and wrists:

For the right arm/hand
Step 1 (see image)
Put your left hand over your right shoulder
Put your right fingers on the base of the right thumb (palm side)
Hold for a few minutes, then

Step 2
Left hand stays over right shoulder
With the right thumb, make a circle with the right index finger
Place your right thumb over the right index finger nail (as shown in the image)

After a few minutes, do the same with the thumb and middle finger, then the ring finger, then the little finger.

Do each step for a few minutes.

If you can, do the left side as well by putting your right hand over your left shoulder while doing the finger positions with your left hand.

Jin Shin Jyutsu blogpost from jsjnashville (Sarah W Anderson)

Here’s a blogpost from, and some information about Sarah W Anderson – I met her quite recently at a Now Know Myself class in Kentucky:

Why I practice Jin Shin Jyutsu

Sometimes it’s helpful to zoom out and examine why I do something every day.  Why did I start taking Jin Shin Jyutsu classes almost 20 years ago? Why do I continue to practice self-help every day like clockwork? Why do I love giving and receiving sessions so much and taking classes and learning more about this Art?

I think it’s related to my overall path as a spiritual seeker. When I first heard about Jin Shin Jyutsu from my aunt, a Reiki practitioner and seeker, and later took my first JSJ class, it opened up a worldview to me that was previously unknown. It explained how my body, its every detail and nuance, is directly connected to the greater Cosmos and ultimately, to the Divine Source. This relationship became so profound to me and so powerful that it compelled me to learn more and more and to transcend my limited understanding of who I am.

Now that JSJ is so integrated into my daily life and understanding of myself and others, I literally do not know what I would do without it.

Lately, I’ve been waking up between 2 and 4am and practicing JSJ for about an hour in order to get my body-mind back in harmony. I guess I’m moving through some “stuff” right now, but without self-help, I’m not sure how I would relax enough to get through this time.  I could take pills and supplements (and I’m going to try a new supplement tonight, actually!), but to me, the transformative power of energy work exists at a higher frequency than most supplements, so the energy I’m able to move is more significant and powerful than simply relaxing myself and going back to sleep.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I just need to take something to get better sleep and relax….But that approach simply does not resonate with me as much as understanding the underlying Root of the issue (for me, it’s usually related to the 6th Depth being out of balance).

I hope to get over this insomnia issue soon, but if I don’t, I truly have faith that I’m moving through it for a reason.  And that the tool of Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help is a gift I’ve received in order to walk through it with more grace and power than I otherwise would have.  I feel grateful not to feel helpless in the face of stress and anxiety, and I love sharing this gift with anyone who is open to it!

And the information about Sarah:

My journey with Jin Shin Jyutsu began in 1997, when I took a 5-day basic seminar with Lynne Pflueger. Lynne told the class that she is from a “medical family” and was initially skeptical of anything alternative or non-mainstream. It wasn’t until she received JSJ sessions from Mary Burmeister (who brought JSJ to the U.S.) for a knee injury that she began to understand its benefits and devoted her life to the study and practice of the art.

After Lynne’s class, I was hooked. This art, which has many names, including “Physio-philosophy,” seemed to bring two worlds together: the physical world of healing and restoring wellness, and the spiritual world of seeking unity with all things. Mary taught that “The truth is that within each one of us lies the power to cast all misery aside and to KNOW complete Peace and Oneness-to BE that beautiful creation of perfect harmony-to truly KNOW (Help) MYSELF” (Text I, page 1). As a dancer and kinesthetically-oriented person, I found it miraculous that through very light, simple touch on various areas of the body, mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony could be restored.

Since Lynn’s class, I have studied with Matthias Roth, Anita Willoughby, Philomena Dooley, Jed Schwartz, Sara Harper, and Cynthia Broshi. I became a class organizer in 2013. The beauty of Jin Shin Jyutsu is that it is completely “individualized” for each person, since it is innate to all of us. Thus, each instructor or practitioner captures and communicates unique aspects of the Art and shares these insights with students. There is no end to learning and exploration of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is, for me, a gift that I offer to myself every day. Its benefits are most noticeable when I’m experiencing some kind of “disharmony,” such as anxiety, muscle tension, getting a cold, feeling depressed or angry, or simply needing to find center.

When I experience these states of mind, body, and spirit, I trust, through years of practice and faith, that if I listen to my body, it will tell me exactly what I need to do to restore balance and flow. I describe some of my daily experiences with JSJ in a self-help blog, which articulates how I integrate the practice into daily life. I also published an essay about my journey with JSJ in the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute newsletter.


I offer Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions in Nashville and surrounding areas. Sessions can offer support to the receiver in his or her unfolding process. That process may focus on a physical, emotional, or spiritual project during the session. Each person’s being is aware of what is needed.

Sarah W. Anderson, LMSW

Jin Shin Jyutsu video from JSJ Brasil

Here’s a Facebook post from

Estresse, tensões, saúde delicada? A Arte do Jin Shin Jyutsu pode lhe ajudar! Saiba onde encontrar Praticantes próximos de você, que poderão lhe ajudar com sessões harmonizadoras, para aumentar o seu bem-estar e vitalidade. Marque um amigo que precisa relaxar nos comentários e confira: ‪#‎jsjbrasil‬

Stress, tension, health delicate? The Art of jin shin jyutsu can help you! Know where to find practitioners near you, who can help you with harmonizadoras sessions, to increase your well-being and vitality. Tag a friend who needs to relax in the comments and check out: ‪#‎jsjbrasil‬

Video: Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tari Heap group presentation

Publicerades den 29 juni 2016

This is a talk Tari Heap gave on the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and how it helped her stroke.

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